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Diagrams and Research Explain How Cell Phones and Cordless Phones Affect Sperm Quality

Decades of research have already determined that exposure to Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) from cell phones, cordless phones, cell towers, and other wireless “Wi-Fi” radiation emitting sources (including 5G) is biologically harmful.  If you are interested in becoming a parent, here’s another reminder that radiation exposure from mobile phones affect sperm quality.

From Electromagnetic Radiation Safety:

Effect of Mobile Phones on Sperm Quality

Gautam R, Arora T. Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Radiation (RF-EMR) Emitted from Mobile Phone and its Impact on Male Reproductive Health. EIACP: Diversity and Impact on the Environment. 28(3):8-11. 2023.

Review Papers

Detrimental impact of cell phone radiation on sperm DNA integrity

Koohestanidehaghi Y, Khalili MA, Dehghanpour F, Seify M. Detrimental impact of cell phone radiation on sperm DNA integrity. Clin Exp Reprod Med. 2024 Jan 24. doi: 10.5653/cerm.2023.06121.


Radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation (RF-EMR) from various sources may impact health due to the generation of frequency bands. Broad pulses emitted within frequency bands can be absorbed by cells, influencing their function. Numerous laboratory studies have demonstrated that mobile phones-generally the most widely used devices-can have harmful effects on sex cells, such as sperm and oocytes, by producing RF-EMR. Moreover, some research has indicated that RF-EMR generated by mobile phones can influence sperm parameters, including motility, morphology, viability, and (most critically) DNA structure. Consequently, RF-EMR can disrupt both sperm function and fertilization. However, other studies have reported that exposure of spermatozoa to RF-EMR does not affect the functional parameters or genetic structure of sperm. These conflicting results likely stem from differences among studies in the duration and exposure distance, as well as the species of animal used. This report was undertaken to review the existing research discussing the effects of RF-EMR on the DNA integrity of mammalian spermatozoa.

EMW can induce oxidative stress, which subsequently leads to disorders such as reduced mobility, morphological changes, acrosome disturbances, and ultimately, damage to the nucleus and genetic material. This oxidative damage to DNA can result in the breakdown of both single-stranded and double-stranded DNA structures, culminating in fragmentation. If the DNA is not repaired and the damage accumulates, the sperm may undergo apoptosis. Damage to the sperm genome can ultimately impact fertility, potentially leading to infertility. Therefore, it is advisable to limit daily exposure to these sources to prevent irreversible damage caused by EMWs. Many men carry their cell phones in their trouser pockets or clipped to their belts, and the use of Bluetooth can increase their susceptibility to RF-EMR exposure. This exposure can induce changes in sperm quality through oxidative stress, potentially leading to infertility. Agarwal et al. [11] suggested that carrying a cell phone in a pocket could lead to a decline in sperm quality. However, it is important to note that the phone and male reproductive organs are separated by multiple tissue layers. Therefore, extrapolating these in vitro effects to real-life conditions requires further studies [11].

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