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“Dead People Should Be Able to Change Their Gender”, Says Labour MP Charlotte Nichols

Labour MP Charlotte Nichols wants deceased transgender individuals to be legally remembered by their chosen gender, according to Charlotte Gill in the Telegraph. The Mail has a summary.

Ms. Nichols, the MP representative for Warrington North, asked if the Gender Recognition Act (GRA) 2004 could be edited “to allow transgender people who are deceased to be legally remembered by the gender they lived by”. …

Speaking of the recent developments in gender ideology, Sir Liam Fox, the MP for North Somerset, said: “It is patently absurd, factually inaccurate and a statistical distortion.

“We should not be encouraging the idea that people can simply choose to change their biological status nor should we bend truth to accommodate an ever more extreme and dangerous ideology.” …

Ms. Nichols told the Telegraph: “My question follows on from a recent petition supported by many of my constituents, regarding amending the Gender Recognition Act.

“The genesis of the petition was the murder of my constituent Brianna Ghey, whose life was brutally cut short before she was old enough to have formal legal recognition of who she was and how she will be remembered by her family, friends and our community.”

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