Posted by Neil Hague - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 5 February 2024

New Billionaire-Funded Activist Group Targets Local Media With Net Zero Propaganda Stories

The big guns of the mainstream media can be relied on to spread climate Armageddon fear based on the latest ‘scientists say’ modelled fantasies, but elite billionaire funders are taking care to spread the word across all communications in the public square. With steadily falling advertising revenue, the U.K. local press is in the firing line with targeted stories pushing the collectivist green agenda available free of charge. A new start-up called the Local Storytelling Exchange (LSE) aims to use “community engagement” to shape a collective narrative of support for a green transition. Local stories are “amplified” and placed across national, regional and local print, radio, TV and digital media. It will perhaps not be a great surprise to learn that this operation is another string to the bow of Extinction Rebellion paymaster Sir Christopher Hohn, and his funding through the European Climate Foundation.

There is a vast amount of money available from a few billionaires to curate a climate catastrophe agenda and promote global Net Zero. It buys influence and power within large sectors of the media, politics and academia. The Daily Sceptic has investigated numerous bodies receiving large sums of money from a small number of elite billionaires. The LSE promotes itself as a tiny start-up, but it names six team members with considerable past media experience. A recent job advertisement to expand coverage in the South East offered a 12-month contract for a “global witness” of £64,000 per annum, or £38,400 for a three-day week. Needless to say, all of these operations would cease to exist without elite billionaire backing. Sir Christopher Hohn, alone, is estimated to pour £200 million a year into various bodies influencing journalists, politicians and academics.

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