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The real purpose of Net Zero: impoverishment, enslavement and depopulation

Green in Tooth and Claw: the Misanthropic Mission Climate Alarm by Niall McCrae; The Bruges Group, January 2024

NIALL McCrae, of this parish, has written a unique, timely and important book on the so-called climate crisis. Green in Tooth and Claw: the Misanthropic Mission Climate Alarm is not another treatise filled with graphs and tables of scientific data to refute the notion of anthropogenic global warming. Instead, the author analyses the dogma through a cultural lens, with some harrowing conclusions for humanity if it does not wake up in time to resist.

Ecological doom, as McCrae explains, began a long time ago. In the high Victorian age, when Charles Darwin unleashed the theory of evolution, dramatic forces took hold in society. First, religion was undermined: holy scripture was seemingly disproved as a historical record and – more significantly – the special status of human beings was negated. Secondly, the rapid population growth since the industrial revolution and development of social welfare was encouraging procreation of tainted stock. Survival of the fittest was becoming survival of the least fit. The ruling class feared that they would be overwhelmed by the ‘great unwashed’.

Social Darwinism was advanced by Darwin’s relative Francis Galton, who founded the eugenics movement. The Eugenics Society flourished in the early twentieth century, with adherents across academe, politics and the literary class. Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw was a zealot, proposing gas chambers as a means of culling the undesirable elements of society. McCrae argues that the First World War was primarily motivated by eugenics; it certainly succeeded in eradicating millions of working-class men and tempering trade union radicalism.

But the war was not a lasting solution for eugenicists. The future, in the minds of the collective of scientists, political theorists and corporate businessmen which emerged as Technocracy Inc in the interwar years, was in the tremendous potential of technology, which would eventually enable total control of population and resources by an expertise-based elite.

Meanwhile Western culture was being deliberately weakened by the ideology of Cultural Marxism emanating from the Frankfurt School. In Europe and the Anglosphere, the conservative predilections of faith, flag and family would be gradually dismantled through the old tactics of divide and rule, progressing beyond emancipatory egalitarianism to the subversive identity politics of today, with ‘woke’ warriors emulating Chairman Mao’s Red Guards in their visceral hatred of traditional norms.

The year 1968 was known for the civil rights campaign in the US and for student revolt in Paris. Revolution was in the air. Yet the really important events of that year are not taught in schools or celebrated in television documentaries. McCrae refers to 1968 as anno domini of the parareligious green cult. Despite falling birth rates in the West, Stanford scholar Paul Ehrlich’s The Population Bomb warned of imminently devastating consequences of the ever-rising global billions of mouths to feed. Meanwhile the Rockefeller estate in Italy hosted the launch of the Club of Rome, a body which would steer the United Nations on to the trajectory now labelled as Net Zero. Over the decades since then, the technocratic globalists have gained momentum in preparing a two-tier system of the rich and powerful (the Davos set, who attend the annual shindig of the World Economic Forum) lording over the lesser mortals.

The lives of ordinary people are subjected to tightening surveillance, limits on consumption, punitive taxes and restricted movement. Covid-19, as McCrae describes, was a boon to this project, with political leaders around the world enacting the ‘Great Reset’. However, the majority of citizens remain asleep to the dystopian design, believing the relentless propaganda of runaway climate change, the deadliness of carbon dioxide (a gas essential to life) and the need to curtail every aspect of their quality of life.

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