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Mainstream ‘Alternative’ Media (MAM) hero Milei: The reality behind the myth. Elderly Protester: ‘I’m Starving to Death, Milei – You’re a Son of a Bitch.’

There has been much confusion as to where the President of Argentina’s loyalties lie, is it with the globalists or with the Argentinian people? This answer has been obvious for some time, as Milei is a WEF man, a graduate of the school of Klaus and his Young Global Leaders. Ever the performer, Milei however has played the part of the saviour of the previously Peronist nation and a darling of the people who vowed to free Argentina from “decadence and decline.” So good was his performance, even after being invited to the globalist meet up at Davos, he still managed to convince the wide awake that he was anti everything the WEF are about.

Fast forward and a few weeks into his presidency, his policies to reform the Argentinian economy, previously reported by the Expose, it is obvious that not only is he one of Schwab’s best boys, he is a vile dictatorial violator of human rights.

There were certainly early warning signs that were missed by the many who hoped Milei was all he appeared to be:

“All these politicians who blame the human race for climate change are fake and are only looking to raise money to finance socialist bums who write fourth-rate newspapers.” Javier Milei made his views on the climate crisis clear before becoming Argentina’s president-elect in November.

Milei economist, political outsider and former TV pundit won November’s general election with the highest percentage of votes since the country’s return to democracy in 1983, against the backdrop of a crippling financial crisis.

Despite the abuse of rights and the austerity suffered by the Argentinian people, Milei wants them silenced and has ordered military police and security companies to photograph protestors, and threatened to strip anyone protesting of welfare payments, and is aiming to introduce new laws that would result in protestors being imprisoned for 6 years.

Speaking to the conservative news outlet Voz Media, Farage compared Milei’s “exciting” plans to Margaret Thatcher’s attempt to resuscitate the British economy during the 1980s.

“Britain was in a state of terrible decline. The trade unions running the country, high inflation, high unemployment, low growth. We had become the sick man of Europe,” Farage claimed, hailing the “extraordinary gains” Thatcher’s “very painful medicine” had brought about. Milei was now doing precisely the same, Farage believed.

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