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Welsh farmers raise their voices against ‘sustainable’ farming policies of batshit crazy Welsh government


The magazine goes on to state that farmers across the UK have become increasingly frustrated and concerned about inequality within the supply chain, which currently sees many receiving unfair prices for their produce while retailers show record profits.

But there’s more to the story.

Welsh farmers were due to hold an open meeting at Welshpool Livestock Market yesterday to discuss “how to make rural voices heard”, including a possible demonstration in Cardiff Bay, according to Farmers Weekly.

Also yesterday, a meeting was held at Brecon Livestock Market in Powys County about proposals for the proposed Sustainable Farming Scheme (“SFS”).

Reverend Simon Bowkett attempted to attend the Brecon Livestock Market meeting due to his concerns over the proposed government policies.  In the video below he explains why he was unable to attend. “As a chaplain, I am very concerned for people,” he said.

Wales is a largely rural country.  Approximately 84% of Wales’ land area is used for agriculture.  Holdings in Wales tend to be small family farms.   According to Wikipedia, farm incomes in Wales have fallen over the years as a result of cheap food policies in the UK, the lowering of world commodity prices and the removal of production-based subsidies.

Although Wales forms part of the UK, agriculture is devolved meaning that decision-making powers reside in the Welsh government.

In July 2022, the Welsh Government published a draft SFS the biggest shift in Welsh agricultural policy for a generation or more.

“The biggest threat to food production globally over the medium to long term is climate change,” the Welsh government states.  The Government also states it wants the reduction in Welsh food production – to plant trees or create habitat – “to be seen as protecting the food producing capacity of our land in the context of climate change.”

Pause and consider those two statements together for a moment.  They echo the words of climate doomsday cultist John Kerry at the AIM for Climate Summit in May 2023 when he claimed that the destruction of farming was front and centre in the fight against climate change.

A year after the draft, in July 2023, an update on the SFS was published.  The next stage in the process; the public consultation. In a move that echoes events in Scotland, decisions on the final design of the scheme will not be made until after this consultation has concluded and the responses analysed, The Scottish Farmer reported at the time.

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