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Threat to the system, right? Mmmm. Okay

Spotify has reached a new deal with star podcaster Joe Rogan that will allow his show to be distributed across multiple platforms, including YouTube.

The multiyear deal is worth roughly $250 million, including an upfront minimum guarantee, plus a revenue sharing agreement based on ad sales, the Wall Street Journal reported on Friday, citing company sources.

A Spotify spokeswoman told that figure was ‘incorrect’ but declined to offer further specifics on the deal’s financial terms.

Rogan’s show, the Joe Rogan Experience, has been available exclusively on Spotify since 2020, when the company inked a $200 million deal with the comedian.

The show has regularly topped the podcast charts for Spotify, drawing millions of listeners for Rogan’s lengthy interviews with newsmakers, academics, and entertainers.

Spotify confirmed the new deal will see Rogan’s show soon made available on other platforms, including Apple, Amazon and YouTube.

‘Spotify will work closely with Joe and his team to continue to maximize the audience of the show across platforms,’ a company spokeswoman said.

In an interview with Rogan published on Spotify’s website, the podcaster said he had learned much about the art of interviewing since first launching his show in 2009.

‘A lot of what helps is that I’ve done it for so many hours and learned how to do it better over trial and error, but also that I only have people on the show that I’m genuinely interested in talking to,’ said Rogan.

‘I never do a podcast just because a person is popular. It’s always from a place of “I think it would be cool to talk to that person,”’ he added.

Rogan’s notable guests through the years have included Dave Chappelle, The Rock, Robert Downey Jr, Quentin Tarantino, Miley Cyrus, Snoop Dogg, Jewel, Eddie Izzard, Mike Tyson, Post Malone, and Zach Bryan.

He is also know for shows featuring figures who are not household names, but who have intriguing personal backstories or fields of expertise.

Among them are Dr. Shanna Swan, whose work examines the impact of chemical exposure on reproductive health and child development, and physician Peter Attia known for his work in longevity medicine.

Other guests include retired US Navy SEAL and ultra-endurance athlete and author David Goggins, psychedelic research pioneer Amanda Fielding, and criminal justice reform advocate and civil rights attorney Josh Dubin.

Rogan, an outspoken critic of COVID-19 vaccines and advocate for unproven treatments, has at times drawn backlash from the medical establishment and liberal critics.

At the height of the controversy in 2022, Spotify stood by Rogan and refused demands to blacklist the star, though the company did for a time add labels linking to authoritative medical sources on some episodes.

On his podcast, Rogan has described himself as classically liberal and openminded to different points of view.

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