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Global Plant Growth Accelerates Thanks to Higher Carbon Dioxide Levels, New Study Finds

The rate of global greening caused by recent increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide has accelerated during the last two decades, according to important new findings recently published by a group of Chinese scientists. About 55% of global land mass revealed an “accelerated rate” of vegetation growth, compared with only 7.3% showing increased decline or ‘browning’. Global greening due to higher levels of CO2 is an inconvenient fact that is often ignored in mainstream climate science. In fact there have even been attempts to suggest greening has slowed or reversed. Studies showing higher levels of global browning use sources that “should be used with caution”, advise the authors of the new study.

It is known that the planet has been greening since at least 1980, with some estimates suggesting increased levels as high as 14%. In a detailed paper published in 2016 by 32 authors from eight countries, it was noted that there was a “persistent and widespread increase” in growing-season greening over 25-50% of the global vegetated area. Now the Chinese scientists, including Eco-Climatologist Professor Tiexi Chen, state that “global greening is an indisputable fact”.

Satellites enable scientists to calculate a Leaf Area Index (LAI) and the four main datasets are plotted above. It was found that CO2 fertilisation dominated the LAI trends that are both rising and accelerating. By monitoring different parts of the globe, the authors found that the “drought trend” only slowed global greening, “but was far from triggering browning”. Climate alarmists, of course, observe drought everywhere – that is, when they are not pointing to biblical levels of flooding.

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