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The war on car ownership: I’ve been forced to declare my Range Rover off-road and sell it for a £15,000 loss after insurers quoted me £890 a MONTH – extortionate premiums are destroying lives

A Range Rover Velar owner says she has had to declare her car off road and will be forced to sell it at a loss of about £15,000 after insurers quoted her £890 a month.

Kirsten Lijeskic, 38, says she got the £56,000 wheels in September 2022 and had been paying £130 a month insurance for her and her husband with Acorn.

But now Kirsten, who lives in Winchmore Hill, north London, says Acorn will not renew their insurance with them and the car’s own manufacturer also allegedly told her it ‘cannot provide a quote’.

She says the cheapest quote they can find is for £890 a month with Go Girl which they cannot afford and is ‘ludicrous’.

As a result, the part-time PA for an investment bank in the city says they will have to sell the car they have ‘worked hard their whole lives for’ – and at a loss of thousands of pounds.

Kirsten has told MailOnline people like her are being ‘punished’ and lives are being ‘destroyed’ as she raised concerns about Range Rover’s security protections.

It comes after it was reported last year that Range Rovers are suffering large price drops as their owners struggle to get them insured.

Data from the DVLA in May revealed the Range Rover Velar R-Dyn was the most sought out car by criminals, with two in every 100 of the model stolen.

Land Rover was dubbed the most stolen brand, with 924 stolen per 100,000 in the 12 months to March 2023. It also made up six of the top ten most stolen car models overall.

However, the number of all Range Rover variants (including Range Rover, Range Rover Sport, Velar and Evoque) stolen in 2023 declined by almost 20 per cent compared to 2022, more recent DVLA data on vehicle thefts show. It suggests recent efforts and investments by JLR to bolster the anti-theft systems in its cars is having an impact.

JLR says figures from the Police National Computer Data also show a similar downward trend of thefts of Range Rover vehicles, with a 26 per cent reduction between November 2022 and the same month last year.

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