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Public High School Removes Wi-Fi Boosters, Installs Shielding to Protect Students and Staff from Nearby Cell Tower

Decades of research have already determined that exposure to Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) from cell phones, cell towers, and other wireless “Wi-Fi” radiation emitting sources (including 5G) is biologically harmful.  Kudos to a public high school in Tucson for being proactive in reducing students and staff from multiple radiation sources.

From Environmental Health Trust:

A Public High School Shielding Classrooms From Cell Tower Radiation

Desert Sage High School, a tuition-free, public Waldorf-inspired school in Tucson AZ has taken numerous steps to reduce cell tower,  wireless and cell phone radiation exposure to students and staff. They currently are shielding the school from the wireless radio-frequency (RF) radiation emissions from nearby cell tower.

More and more schools are becoming aware of the impacts on students and teachers of day-long exposures to high levels of Radio Frequency (RF) radiation from classroom wi-fi routers, computers, tablets, and many personal cell phones.  In addition to the accumulated research on RF related health risks include cancer, oxidative stress, reproductive and neurological harm, there are neuropsychiatric effects that impede student learning, such as behavioral and memory problems, ADD symptoms, anxiety and depression.

One of the first steps Desert Sage took to reduce RF radiation exposure was to remove a slew of Wi-fi boosters mounted to ceilings throughout the building.  The school also has a responsible cell phone policy:  students leave their phones in lockers during academic work time and other school activities.  Thus, the exposure from cell phone radiation in classrooms is minimized.

However, an RF radiation assessment by Building Biology certified Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist (EMRS) Lisa Smith found that the levels of wireless RF radiation coming into the school from a nearby T-Mobile cell tower, located half a block away, were much higher in cell tower-facing classrooms.

The cell tower had recently been “upgraded to 5G”. After the upgrade, her measurements show the levels of wireless microwave radiation had doubled and far exceeded science-based safety guidelines established by experts to protect against non-thermal biological impacts and long term health risks.

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