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Moment ambulance is blocked by low traffic neighbourhood planters from reaching 10-month-old baby as she suffers seizure

A mum has slammed a low-traffic neighbourhood scheme after an ambulance was blocked from reaching her home.

Charli Panter, 34, had called 999 on New Years Eve after her ten-month-old daughter, Nola, began having a seizure.

But the mother watched in horror as the ambulance became stuck on the other side of planters installed to stop traffic.

Video footage shows the moment an ambulance speeding to the house is stopped by a block in its path and is forced to divert round the corner.

Two paramedics can then be seen walking down the road, carrying medical equipment with them before the ambulance eventually arrives after a detour.

Ms Panter said the ambulance then ‘needed to be navigated’ around the LTN scheme to pull up outside.

She said: ‘Nola was burning hot and then she started having a seizure in my arms, she was shaking and rigid.

‘My partner, Nick, called 999 as her lips turned blue and she was silent – we were terrified.

‘I know seizures can be damaging so the longer it was going on the worse effects we feared.

‘It never occurred to me we’d need to direct the ambulance on how to navigate around the planters. The paramedics said it was a nightmare getting to the house because of it.

‘We have questioned how emergency services would know to travel around the estate (after the filters were installed) but we just never thought it might be to get to us.’

Nola, who was taken to hospital where doctors said she had suffered from a febrile seizure, has since fully recovered.

Neighbours in Withington, Manchester, are furious about the low-traffic neighbourhood (LTN) zone.

In August, nine junctions on the Hartley estate in Withington, where Ms Panter lives, were fitted with plant boxes as part of a six-month trial for an Active Neighbourhood project to improve road safety and encourage walking and cycling.

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