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Z Marks The Spot, Zorro Ranch To The US Mexico Border – Richard Willett New Substack

Is there literally a connection between the missing children across the Southern Border and New Mexico ? – Here’s The Counter Narrative

Lately my research has been concentrating largely on the vast expanse of New Mexico and the possibility of tunnels system across this area covering a Transhumanist agenda going on beneath.

A few days ago my fellow journalist Warren Thornton of the excellent resource The Frontline Army shared the image below on his X Account ThorntonWa47373.

This was an image of Officers at the Southern Boarder of Mexico where millions of illegal immigrants are being allowed across the boarder into Texas and the wider U.S.

Warren Thornton quickly expressed that fingers would be immediately pointed towards Big Bad Russia in regards to the symbolic nature of the ‘Z’ on the red tin wall behind those in the picture. And he was correct, straight away “Elon Musks’ X was awash with accounts saying the symbol was a clear sign of collaboration between Texas boarder control and Russia.

This assumption is based on the Z symbols that were seen on the Russian Tanks involved with the ongoing Russia Ukraine war. (see image below)

Damaged and captured Russian vehicles in Luhansk Oblast of Ukraine.


No other journalist that I have found has made the following link that is far more likely in my view. This is my own personal Counter Narrative to the blame Russia angle.

Now consider Mainstream News sites such as NewsWeek 90 have reported that approximately 152,000 minors have gone missing whilst crossing over (or indeed under) the Mexican Boarder in 2022, I would say its at least worth considering and perhaps far more likely given its proximity to the Southern Mexico border, that the ‘Z’ in the image at the top of the page might be coding for this one below ?


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