Posted by Sam Fenny - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 1 February 2024

They keep on coming: Fire Engulfs Massive Chicken Plant In Texas

Recall the surge of headlines in 2022 about mysterious fires at food processing plants.

At the same time, rogue elites – part of the World Economic Forum cult – pushed sinister narratives of how the working poor class must abandon “animal protein” for “insects” because the current food supply chain was contributing to climate change. Yet to these elites, flying across the world in private jets and sailing on diesel-powered megayachts is kosher?

The question many have for 2024: Will a series of mysterious fires erupt at food plants across the US while radical WEF elites continue their info campaign to ‘reset’ the food supply chain?

According to BBC News, the first big fire of the year was reported at a large chicken farm in a rural part of Northeast Brazos County in Texas.


The blaze at Feather Crest Farms, located near Fickey Road east of Kurten, was reported shortly after 5 p.m. local time. Authorities stated on Monday night that it might take several days to extinguish the fire completely.


Last year, Tucker Carlson interviewed Dutch political activist Eva Vlaardingerbroek, who said, “I think that the push for insect eating is just a compliance test because our politicians know that when they control the food, they control the people.”

It’s odd that WEF routinely advocates the urgent need to reset the food supply chain while commercial farms mysteriously ignite.

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