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Sucharit Bhakdi is Still Being Prosecuted for Antisemitic ‘Crimes’ in Germany

In a New Year’s Eve tweet, the journalist Taylor Hudak noted that “As 2023 comes a close, one of the biggest victories this year was the acquittal of Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi”. This was a victory, and it would be a reason to be cheerful, except for the fact Bhakdi is in fact still being prosecuted in Germany for “incitement to hatred”, namely against Jews, and “trivialisation of the Holocaust”.

Last May, as covered by Hudak and others, Bhakdi was acquitted of these charges by a local court in the small town of Plön. But this victory was short-lived. For defendants in Germany do not enjoy double jeopardy protection in the Anglo-Saxon sense, and just two months later, the public prosecutor appealed the acquittal. Indeed, just days after the original judgment, the public prosecutor’s office had already announced that it would appeal the acquittal in some form – a fact which somehow escaped the notice of Bhakdi’s international admirers.

Bhakdi is now to be tried again on exactly the same charges in the district court of Kiel. A date for the trial has not yet been set.

The charges refer to bitter and somewhat abstruse remarks which Bhakdi made in an April 2021 online interview about what he described as “forced” mass COVID-19 vaccination in Israel. Israel was at the time famously serving as the world’s mRNA vaccination ‘laboratory’ and had introduced a ‘green pass’ system to enforce compliance from the population.

Bhakdi, a retired Professor of Microbiology, rose to prominence as a fierce critic of the mRNA vaccine platform, which he predicted would give rise to widespread harm by making the body’s immune system attack its own cells and whose use under emergency authorisation, in Israel and elsewhere, he denounced as illegal “human experimentation”.

“I admired this people, the Israelis, more than any other people in the world. I was an admirer of the Jews,” Bhakdi said in the interview.

But, after talking at length about his “veneration” of Jewish artists and musicians, he then went on to say, in the words targeted by the indictment:

The people that fled from this country [Germany], this country where there was absolute evil, and founded their own country, have now transformed their country into something that is even worse than Germany was.

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