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Shocking Revelations Expose George Soros’ Attempts to Topple Governments and Push Political Interests

A shocking set of videos published on X (formerly Twitter) recently shows interviews with executives and directors at Action for Democracy. AFD is an NGO promoting progressive values globally, and specifically in Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and other European nations.

Some of the videos describe how the organization and similar ones are funded by the eponymous George Soros.


Soros, a Hungarian-American billionaire who funds activist groups around the world, is the main funder behind AFD – this was revealed although AFD publicly denies any connection to George Soros. AFD raises funds predominantly from Soros using the 501(c)4 status to conceal his affiliation and funding of the organization.

AFD calls itself a “global network of concerned citizens who want to empower those who fight for freedom and democracy.”

The organization also claims its aim is to “broaden democratic participation,” “promote free and fair elections,” “encourage transparent and accountable government” and to “combat hate, fear and exclusion.”

AFD is claimed to be supported by the Democratic party and its affiliated organizations – who supplied registration, legal and fundraising services to AFD.

The tapes reveal how AFD was used to benefit the Democratic party’s domestic rivalry with the GOP. Democratic operatives run a parallel foreign policy network designed to attack the GOP in America and push their ideology abroad, where the leadership often does not align with their values.

Gen. Wesley K. Clark, former supreme allied commander of NATO, admitted that AFD benefits the Democratic party’s domestic rivalry with the GOP.

Clark also said Soros was spending $500 million a year on the European Open Society Institutes in the 1990s and that when he worked in Ukraine in 2014 when he was on the International Crisis Group Trustee Board, he was working with Soros.

“George was funding the Open Society Institute in Ukraine,” he said.

When asked if there are others supporting the opposition in Hungary, Clark said he wished there were more, but none were providing support as much as Soros.

“None like George,” he said.

Soros isn’t the only Democrat working to influence foreign governments.

Clark noted that after U.S. Attorney-General Janet Yellin and Vice President Kamala Harris traveled to Africa in 2023, he was with Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni and the president complained to him, “You Americans don’t understand what I’m trying to do here. I’m trying to build this economy and you are imposing your cultural values on us.”

“And what do you think Yellin and all those people talked about in Africa?” Clark said. “You think they talked about bringing American investment in there? No! They were talking about human rights, women, free elections – it’s totally off.”

Julia Ager, founder and president of Sapphire Strategies, said they have funders who and put a lot of money into a new PAC in order to raise money from both Turkish and non-Turkish folks in the U.S. and then use that money to send ballots to Turkish people living in the U.S.

But they had funders who were giving $300,000, major gift funders, who were bankrolling the project. Soros was one of them.

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