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Open Letter to European Parliament: A.I. Systems that Manipulate The Human Nervous System Should be Banned Outright

he world’s first comprehensive laws to regulate artificial intelligence (A.I.) were agreed in what was thought of as an historic deal, in December 2023. Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) reached a political deal with the Council on a bill to ensure general purpose A.I. in Europe is “safe, and respects fundamental rights and democracy safeguards” Remarkably, although it had been addressed, there were no measures taken to forbid the control of the behaviours of the masses through manipulation of the human central nervous system using radiations and AI.

An open Letter has been sent to the European Parliament demanding that the deputies produce legislation to secure the democracy and respect for human rights in the European union and ban A.I. systems using remote control to manipulate the human nervous system.

The open letter and an accompanying petition was an initiative of Mojmír Babáček who also authored the following article originally published in Global Research.

A.I. Systems Which Manipulate The Human Nervous System (Thoughts, Emotions, Perceptions) and Derogate Fundamental Human Rights Should be Banned Outright.

On December 9, 2023, the European Parliament published a press release, where it stated that it reached a political deal with the Council of the European Union “on a bill to ensure AI in Europe is safe, respects fundamental rights and democracy“. The future bill is supposed to ban “AI systems that manipulate human behaviour to circumvent their free will“.

According to the press release the deputies also “agreed“ on “clear obligations“ with respect to “AI systems used to influence the outcome of elections and voter behavior“ (see this). No one and no place elaborated on those issues. In a reply to the petition of several representatives and members of the world human rights organizations, the chair of the Committee on Petitions of the European Parliament, Dolors Montserrat, quoted the preparatory document of the EP, which stated:

“The placing on the market, putting into service or use of certain AI systems with the objective to or the effect of materially distorting human behavior, whereby  physical or psychological harms are likely to occur, should be forbidden. This limitation should be understood to include neuro-technologies assisted by AI systems that are used to monitor, use or influence neural data gathered through brain-computer interfaces insofar as they are materially distorting the behavior of a natural person in a manner that causes or is likely to cause that person or another person significant harm.“

Those statements both address and hide the  feasibility of mass manipulation of the human nervous system (thoughts, emotions, perceptions, functioning of internal organs or even causing death of people) at a distance. It is evident that only when masses of people’s brains are controlled at distance, the AI systems can be “used  to influence the outcome of elections and voter behavior“  by forming political opinions of voters and imposing their decision to vote for certain parties or persons.

For that matter, 11 human rights organizations replied to Dolors Montserrat:

“We are deeply concerned with your reply to the petition number 0716/2023.

After studying the information on the agreement between European Parliament and member states of the EU on artificial intelligence legislation (see this and this), we do not see their sincere intention to prevent the manipulation of human thinking emotions etc. by governments agencies with the use of  pulsed microwaves, extra long electromagnetic waves or other as yet unpublished energies. This means that so far there are no measures taken to prevent the development of the European union member states into the totalitarian regimes where thinking of citizens will be controlled by the governments using those radiations and artificial intelligence.

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