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Unveiling the Top 7 Psychological Thrillers That Keep You Guessing Until the End

Time to dig out your Sherlock Holmes hat and brace yourself for a wild mental ride! These seven psychological thrillers aren’t just gripping watches; they’re like cunning mind-benders, turning your brain into a pretzel and keeping you on the edge, desperately searching for answers until the very last line.

  1. The Menu (2022) 


Having locked down a reservation at Hawthorne, the enigmatic Chef Slowik’s remote island eatery, young, ambitious Tyler is eager to develop his skills. Leaving the marina in a boat, Tyler and his date, Margot, arrive at the secluded, foreboding manor, anticipating culinary genius. The atmosphere, however, curdles upon arrival. There are unsettlingly serene staff members, accompanied by an unsettlingly cryptic menu, and Slowik appears more like a cult than a restaurant. Tyler’s dream begins to turn into a nightmare as the evening progresses. In every meticulously crafted dish, there is a hidden course of humiliation and danger that will push the guest to the limit in both moral and physical terms. The resourcefulness of Margot, at first bewildered, becomes their only hope for survival as she counters Tyler’s naivety.

As the line between performance art and sadistic reality blurs, Tyler must confront Slowik’s twisted vision, his culinary prowess the only weapon against the chef’s orchestrated chaos. Will Tyler become the main course or will he outplay the maestro of this macabre menu? The answer lies in a shocking climax that will leave you questioning the true price of ambition and the thin line between genius and insanity.

2. The Vanishing Triangle (2023)

Lisa Wallace, a tenacious journalist scarred by childhood trauma – the unsolved disappearance of her mother. When a string of unsettlingly similar abductions ripples through the tourist season, Lisa sees a chilling echo of her own past. Her investigative fire reignites, fueled by a burning need for answers and a suspicion the killer is closer than anyone dares to suspect. Partnering with Detective Burke, a man whose gruff exterior barely conceals a penchant for questionable knitwear, Lisa dives headfirst into the murky secrets of the community. The idyllic charm peels away, revealing a web of hidden connections, simmering resentments, and a long-forgotten tragedy that binds them all. Each missing woman, like a cryptic clue, leads Lisa deeper into a labyrinth of fear.

With every twist and turn, the irony thickens like fog over a bog. Could the monster be the kindly old man who runs the B&B with suspiciously few guests? Or maybe it’s the overly helpful tourist guide with a map leading straight to oblivion?  

3. The Serpent (2021) 

The Serpent, a true-crime story of  Charles Sobhraj and his amazing escape plan. A French conman with a smile as sharp as a Bangkok tailor’s shears, slithering through Southeast Asia like a cobra in a cashmere sweater, leaving a trail of drugged tourists and bewildered authorities in his wake. Herman Knippenberg, a Dutch diplomat with about as much street smarts as a clog in a monsoon. He stumbles upon Sobhraj’s web of deceit like a tourist with bad directions, and suddenly, his humdrum diplomatic life becomes a psychedelic circus of missing passports and shady back alleys.

Sobhraj, meanwhile, is living the high life on ill-gotten gains, his pockets lined with traveler’s cheques and his days filled with sipping cocktails and serenading beauties with his oh-so-French accent.

Knippenberg chases Sobhraj like a determined toddler after a butterfly, his every step met with a fresh wave of irony – a witness who can’t remember anything, a clue that leads to a dead end , and a network of accomplices who make the Keystone Cops look like Interpol.

  1. Orphan: First Kil (2022)

    Buckle up for Orphan: First Kill, where family reunions are about as warm as a Siberian ice cave and childhood trauma comes served with a side of razor blades with a strong and ecstatic love from fans who want to watch Max in the UK . Esther, the pint-sized terror you thought you left locked away in the mental asylum, is back, and this time, she’s got a mommy makeover and a taste for vengeance.

A porcelain doll possessed by Hannibal Lecter, skipping merrily through an Estonian orphanage with a twinkle in her eye and an axe in her backpack. That’s Esther, our pint-sized protagonist, ready to reclaim the family she never had… with a few accidents along the way. Lena and Tricia, a picture-perfect couple with a missing piece in their lives: a creepy, murderous child. When Esther slithers into their orbit, all smiles and sugar coated lies, they welcome her with open arms. But Esther has a hidden agenda, one that involves cryptic notes, disappearing nannies, and a body count that rises faster than the stock market after a free ice cream announcement.

  1. Darlings (2022)

Darlings on Hotstar is like a Bollywood biryani gone rogue, spicy with revenge, tangy with mother-daughter bond, and served piping hot with a side of hilarious mayhem. Meet Badru, a housewife whose husband beats her up over small issues and has multiple personality traits, where he loves her to death and the second moment cannot control his anger and uses physical – like smoke from a tandoor!

Fed up with playing doormats to the same charmingly useless charmer, Hamza, these mother-daughter duo decide to kidnap Hamza. Think Thelma and Louise, ditching the car for a rickety scooter and trading guns for rolling pins. Badru and Pinky are a riot, their simmering frustration boiling over into a delicious concoction of sass, sarcasm, and domestic torture that’s as effective as a Bollywood dance sequence against a mosquito net.

6.  Barbarian (2022)

Tess, just cruising through the city at night, decides to crash in a Detroit Airbnb, thinking it’s just a regular spot with a bit of dust and some chipped mugs. The air itself carries a hum of unease, a tremor beneath the veneer of normalcy. Cracks in the facade reveal glimpses of something ancient, something buried. In the labyrinthine darkness below, hidden chambers yawn open, each a chapter in a forgotten history. Tess, drawn by an unseen thread, descends into the abyss, a moth to a macabre flame. Down there, time bends and twists, memories bleed into the present, and reality itself becomes a malleable canvas.

As Tess navigates this twisted funhouse of horrors, the lines between reality and nightmare blur faster than a blender on puree. Every corner harbors a jump scare, every creak a potential omen, and every shadow hides a secret that could make your hair stand on end like a scared Chihuahua. A hulking figure with secrets etched in scar tissue. A haunted drifter burdened by a past as dark as the basement walls.


  1. The Secrets She Keeps (2022)

Laura seems like an ideal wife and mother. But guess what? There’s more drama packed into her life than a soap opera. Deep down, she’s got some serious baggage brewing beneath that flawless exterior. Her meticulously constructed world collides with Grace, a young, vulnerable woman struggling with motherhood and haunted by her own demons. Drawn to Laura’s veneer of serenity, Grace seeks solace in their unlikely bond, unaware she is stepping into a labyrinth of deceit. Secrets unfurl like razor wire, tightening around their throats, suffocating them with unspoken anxieties.

The past bleeds into the present, staining their carefully crafted reality. Ghostly echoes of trauma haunt the halls, and shadows dance with hidden meanings. Is Laura a savior offering escape, or a puppeteer pulling the strings of Grace’s fragile sanity? As suspicion claws its way through trust, the line between victim and perpetrator blurs, morphing into a chilling, ambiguous dance. Each revelation is a shard of shattering glass, reflecting a distorted image of truth. Motives twist and turn, cloaked in the enigma of hidden intentions. Is Laura protecting her carefully constructed world, or shielding a darkness too monstrous to face? 


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