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Cult-owned Starmer vows to ban trans ‘conversion therapy’ if he becomes PM despite fears parents and teachers could be criminalised for having ‘honest discussions’

Sir Keir Starmer has vowed to push ahead with a ban on transgender ‘conversion therapy’ if Labour wins power at the general election.

The Labour leader reiterated his party’s commitment to a ban on ‘all forms of conversion therapy’ at an LGBT+ event in Parliament last night.

He promised a future Labour government would ‘implement a full, trans-inclusive, ban on all forms of conversion therapy’.

We fully support the view that conversion therapy is psychologically damaging abuse,’ Sir Keir added.

So-called ‘conversion therapy’ practices seek to change or suppress someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity.

Theresa May first promised a ban on such practices when she was PM in 2018.

Her successor, Boris Johnson, recommitted to a ban on ‘conversion therapy’ for gay or bisexual people when he was in No10 – but excluded practices aimed at transgender people.

Ministers have warned of ‘unintended consequences’ from legislation.

It came amid fears parents, teachers or therapists having ‘legitimate conversations’ with children experiencing gender identity issues might be ‘inadvertently’ criminalised.

In his speech at the LGBT+ Labour event in Parliament, as reported by DIVA magazine, Sir Keir said: ‘Labour governments and the LGBT+ movement have a history of achieving incredible things together.

He added: ‘Look what we did: decriminalised homosexuality, the Equality Act, repealed Section 28, the Gender Recognition Act and the Civil Partnership Act.

‘A whole raft of groundbreaking legislation that moved the dial towards the equal rights LGBT+ people deserve, protected people from discrimination and changed people’s lives.’

Sir Keir also hit out at the Tories for stoking ‘culture wars’ and for having ‘pitted people against each other’.

Promising action by an incoming Labour administration, he continued: ‘We’ll strengthen the law, so every category of hate crime is treated as an aggravated offence.

‘We’ll cut NHS waiting lists for LGBT+ people waiting for urgent physical and mental health care. We’ll modernise the Gender Recognition Act.

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