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CCTV shows Israeli spec ops team dressed as Muslim women and sporting fake beards storm West Bank hospital and kill three ‘terrorists planning October 7-style attack’

An Israeli spec ops unit – disguised as Muslim women and sporting fake beards – have been seen in CCTV footage storming a West Bank hospital this morning where they shot dead three Palestinians accused of plotting an October 7-style attack.

The undercover IDF soldiers entered the hospital and ‘neutralised’ the trio who the army said belonged to a Hamas ‘terrorist cell’.

Israel accused one of them of planning an imminent attack inspired by Hamas’s October 7 onslaught, and the other two of involvement in recent violence.

One of the three men was undergoing treatment at the facility for a paralysed leg, the hospital said. It appears from photographs of the aftermath that one of the men was shot in a hospital bed, while the other two were shot on makeshift beds.

CCTV circulating online appeared to show around a dozen undercover troops, including three in women’s clothing and two dressed as medical staff, advancing through a corridor of Ibn Sina hospital in Jenin with assault rifles.

Israeli authorities confirmed the commando operation, and Israel’s police minister shared the clip on social media.

The video, also shared online by the Palestinian Quds News Network, showed a hospital corridor as several armed men and women in civilian and medical clothing advanced with large military rifles raised. One, a man wearing maroon scrubs, is seen carrying a wheelchair under his left arm, a rifle in his right.

An initial trio were then followed by a larger unit, some of whom are seen detaining a man who is kneeling on the floor, who has his hands on his head against a wall.

More soldiers appear through the doors at one end of the corridor that can be seen in the video, and begin setting up a perimeter, their guns primed on the entrances.

In total, at least 12 armed undercover soldiers are seen passing through the corridor in the short, minute-long clip. By the end of the footage, only the man kneeling against the wall is left in the corridor.

The army said troops ‘neutralised’ the three men who were hiding in the hospital in the north of the West Bank. The time stamp on the CCTV footage displayed the date as January 30 2024 at around 5am local time.

Pictures from inside the hospital following the operation showed a hospital bed covered in blood, with a bullet hole in the pillow.

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