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Andrew Bridgen interview: ‘The vaccine cover-up is rapidly unravelling’

THE elephant in the room of excess deaths is trumpeting louder – and is once again stepping on the toes of Big Pharma in Parliament.

Andrew Bridgen MP’s powerful speech last Tuesday at a Backbench Business Committee meeting sent a clear message to the politicians who have tried to ignore this elephant – you can’t turn a blind eye much longer. 

Despite a barrage of personal attacks and being thrown out of the Tory party, Bridgen has continued to battle for 14 months against top-level resistance to public debate over excess deaths and the links to covid ‘vaccine’ harm. In this interview with me the North West Leicestershire MP talks about growing cross-party support from his Parliamentary peers, and his hopes for a full House of Commons debate on excess deaths by Easter.

Q: There are plenty of journalists who are keen to get the PPE contracts scandal properly investigated and yet some have never heard of the Yellow Card scheme used to flag up covid injection harm. So how do we bridge this gap for those who want to get to the truth but because of censorship are unaware of the main issues? Can you see any way forward?

A: I can see a way forward and I am pretty optimistic. I have been resisted in Parliament over the issue of excess deaths – I put in an application 26 times over a period of 26 weeks before I was eventually given an Adjournment Debate on October 20 which, as the records show, was very sparsely attended by colleagues. But the public gallery was full and there were 150 people who couldn’t get in who were waiting outside.

I then invited medical experts to give a talk in a committee room and invited MPs to come and listen to the evidence they would give about the vaccine harm and vaccine deaths. And 20 MPs turned up with 17 signing a petition to the Backbench Committee for a debate which resulted in the 90-minute Westminster Hall debate we had on Tuesday January 16 which 23 backbenchers attended.

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