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The WEF’s Obsession with AI and Brain Chipping. ‘We’ Can Create an AI System ‘Where we Don’t even Need Democratic Elections’ – Klaus Schwab

Remember Klaus Schwab’s interview of 2016 with a Swiss French TV moderator, in which Schwab said something to the extent, “Imagine by 2025 we may all have a chip implanted somewhere in our body or brain, and we may be able to communicate with each other without a telephone, even without using our voice…”? Klaus Schwab calls it a fusion between the physical, digital, and biological world.

He also talks about having personalized “butlers” in the form of robots, that are not just slaves, but rather assistants, as they function with Artificial Intelligence (AI), and will learn from us….

Schwab’s obsession with the Fourth Industrial Revolutionthe full digitization of everything, seems to be boundless. See this full 2016 interview (video 28 min.), with the chipped humans beginning at 00:02:30.

his is all moving towards globalization and a One World Government, for which a drastically reduced world population is of the order. This remains the WEF’s number ONE objective, as per The Great Reset and UN Agenda 2030. Klaus Schwab’s dream of The Fourth Industrial Revolution, AI, and digitization of everything are just instruments to get there faster.

Another tool was covid and the bio-weapons “vaccines”, and perhaps the WEF Davos24 propagated new virus “X” – not yet existing, but roaming somewhere out there (Gates, Tedros, WHO) and, ludicrously, “vaxxes” are already being developed – and a foremost instrument for this globalist genocide is the tremendous climate hoax.

The climate lie has been in the making, at least since the Club of Rome’s devastating Report of “Limits to Growth” which is still the blueprint for much of what is going on today, including population reduction. Under climate change every eugenist dream may be realized. If we, the People, let them.

The Club of Rome, a Rockefeller invention, is also headquartered in Switzerland (Winterthur), as are the WEF, WHO, GAVI (the vaccination-pharma alliance) and – the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), also called the Central Bank of all Central Banks.  All with full diplomatic immunity and tax-free. A coincidence?

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