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EU calls for ‘gendered language’ to be banned, with phrases such as ‘no man’s land’ or ‘Joe Public’ axed… and ‘king and queen’ phrased ‘queen and king’ to put the female first

The EU has called for ‘gendered language’ such as ‘no man’s land’ and ‘Joe Public’ to be axed.

A 61-page document advises policymakers, legislators and the media to revise the order of common phrases such as ‘King and Queen’ or ‘brother and sister’ in which the male comes first.

It suggests to ‘try swapping the order of these phrases sometimes’.

Bureaucrats say ‘Joe Public’ should be replaced with ‘average citizen’ and ‘no man’s land’ should be substituted with ‘unclaimed territory’.

Tory MP Nick Fletcher has called the guidelines ‘nonsense’ and argued that the EU had ‘far more serious issues’ that it should be concerned about.

The ‘Toolkit on Gender-sensitive Communication’ document compiled by the The European Institute for Gender Equality highlights language that needs to be changed and notes alternatives.

It adds that terms such as ‘shrill’ and ‘pushy’ have ‘strong connotations that are strongly associated with only women’ and should be replaced with ‘high-pitched’ and ‘assertive’ respectively.

It says that ‘virile’, considered ‘strongly associated with only men’, should be substituted with ‘strong or energetic’.

The famous Star Trek line, ‘To boldly go where no man has gone before’, is noted in the bundle as an example for which ‘women may be subject to invisibility or omission’.

Don Valley MP Nick Fletcher told The Telegraph: ‘I think it’s nonsense, especially when there’s far more serious issues going on at the moment that we need to be concerned about.

‘The EU needs to take a good hard look at themselves and think about what other problems are going on in the world at the moment.’

He added: ‘We’ve got wars being waged, an energy crisis and a lot of countries are dealing with the same kind of problems that we are in the UK.

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