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All Vaccines Are Dangerous

Many people became suspicious of the Covid shots but still advocate for other vaccinations, completely disregarding the evidence of the harm they have been causing for decades, destroying kids’ and adults’ lives. They don’t question why many contain neurotoxic metals such as Mercury and Aluminum. They also contain substances like Polysorbate 80 that makes Swiss cheese out of the blood brain barrier thus enabling these metals to damage the brain. The carnage caused by the Covid shots though opened up investigations into the contents of vaccines in general and lead more people to investigate other shot such as MMR, flu, RSV and others.

Among the Covid jabs we find Graphene, self-assembling spider silk fibers, hydrogels, quantum dots and Phthalates.


We don’t know since when Graphene was used in vaccines but there is suspicion that it was included in the flu shots in 2019. This would explain why mostly older people succumbed to illness and death during the Covid hoax. Graphene is a highly toxic substance, a massive free radical causing tremendous damage in every organ system. But it’s also an excellent conductor for electricity, electromagnetic frequencies and heat. It’s used in bio sensors, tissue engineering and nano electronic devices. At the same time that these people had Graphene in their bodies, 5G antennas were turned on and it looks like their illness was actually EMF radiation poisoning amplified by Graphene.

I wrote about the damage caused by Graphene in another Substack post:

Polyamide Proteins – Spider Silk

Dr. Ana-Maria Mihalcea recently posted her findings that the rubbery clots in vaccinated as well as unvaccinated blood contain polyamide proteins which are found in spider silk. It can be artificially manufactured by genetically altered goats. It can be used as a light-based sensor. It can be combined with inorganic nano particles (Graphene for example). It is very though and can outperform Kevlar in bullet proof vests. When combined with Graphene it has capabilities to become biosensors, micro technological devices, nano fibers for energy harvesting, bone and tissue engineering. Spider silk fibers assemble themselves just like Amyloid and Prions.

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