Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 29 January 2024

No One Needs Government: All Government and Rule Are Corrupt and Evil!

“My father always said that government is like watching another man piss in your boot. Someone feels better but it certainly isn’t you.”

~ Orson Scott Card, Heartfire

Ah government, that institution invented for the sole purpose of solidifying a monopoly of force over people, so as to be able to rule over all of society with a violent iron hand. This bastardized, immoral, and vile practice now consumes this country and the world, and it has been allowed to happen with little resistance. When rule has taken hold, and is tyrannical, one can condemn the ruling class, but when that tyranny is perpetual, blame rests with the masses of people who have voluntarily accepted and embraced their own servitude. This reality is purposely avoided by most, as any acceptance of personal blame would require a responsibility not sought by the masses.

In today’s world, the situation is much worse, again due to a complete lack of individual responsibility and courage; an overwhelming  dependency on government, and an abundance of mass indifference among the herd. Few if any institutions are deserving of respect or praise as well, so universal rule is not only evident, but the lack of any worthwhile or trustworthy institutions has added fuel to the fire of tyranny. This includes NGOs, most so-called charity organizations, religious entities, churches, corporations, bureaucracies, a great majority of supposed health and medical establishments, education asylums, mainstream media, global ‘think’ tanks, and of course all authority-driven consortiums. So long as the majority expects others to take care of and protect them, obeys the rule-based master-class, and compliance is perceived to be the way to safety and survival, this paradigm shift into totalitarian hell will continue.

The power of the individual is far greater than most any imagine, especially when large groups of individuals are willing to shun even the idea of a State or rule, and to forsake compliance under any threat of force or violence. The problem of rule remains though, because while more are ‘saying’ that they are waking up, and more are promoting that narrative, the global agendas are still going forward with effectiveness, regardless of the rhetoric. It has now become in vogue actually, especially in ‘alternative media’ circles, to tout the notion that “we are winning,” and that with a new ‘election,’ the new ruler in power will throw off the chains of bondage that enslave ‘us.’ Little do they realize that there is no viable political solution, and there will never be. As Larken Rose properly stated:

“The truth is, one who seeks to achieve freedom by petitioning those in power to give it to him has already failed, regardless of the response. To beg for the blessing of “authority” is to accept that the choice is the master’s alone to make, which means that the person is already, by definition, a slave.”

All governments everywhere, including this abominable American democracy or so-called ‘constitutional republic,’ hold a ‘legal’ (illegal) monopoly on violence, and therefore use that force to restrain the population at every level possible. All it has to do is make a law, and then threaten property confiscation, incarceration, injury, or death in order to coerce compliance. Given that reality, consider just the U.S., and the astonishing multitude of its so-called laws.

No one, no statisticians, and not even this government itself, has any clue as to how many federal laws exist. No one knows how many rules, restrictions, and regulations there are, and it is impossible to find an answer to this question. The Federal Register alone, the daily repository of all proposed and final federal rules and regulations, has well over 85,000 pages. The Code of Federal Regulations through 2019,  has 186,000 pages, and the Federal Register Pages for the past decade eclipsed 800,000 pages. This alone is unimaginable. But of course, there are more. There is a law for every aspect of our lives in this country, and there are a completely separate set of international laws, State laws, county laws, city laws, and licensing laws for every activity or thought. This is total insanity, and why every single ‘citizen’ can be deemed a criminal at any given moment. Even as far back as in the times of Roman historian Tacitus, he stated that, “The more corrupt the State, the more numerous the laws.” The U.S. has more laws by far than any other nation on earth in history, and therefore is the most corrupt and criminal of all time.

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