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Octopus Energy boss criticises smart meters as households struggle with faulty devices

The boss of the UK’s second largest energy company has criticised in-home displays for smart meters, as households face problems with faulty devices.

Greg Jackson, founder of Octopus Energy, said in-home display devices are ‘so bad’ in a response to a customer on social media network X.

‘We’ve had a million such sessions looking at those darned things. They’re so bad,’ he said in response to a customer whose device was failing to show their electricity usage.

Smart meters have become ubiquitous as energy companies say they help households with budgeting as they alert customers to how much gas and electricity they use from day to day.

They can send readings via a remote connection to energy suppliers.

The In-Home Display (IHD) is the small screen that comes with your smart meter and gives you information about your energy meter itself.

While energy companies might herald smart meters as a great development, the technology is not foolproof.

This is Money has heard from plenty of readers who have had issues with their IHDs or smart meters, either displaying the wrong usage or not at all.

A Money Mail investigation also found that some households are being billed for energy used by properties hundreds of miles away, resulting in huge bills.

Six flat owners at a property in Ealing, West London, had an SSE smart meter installed early last year for common areas.

Monthly bills used to be about £20, but when the smart meter was installed, they reached £600 a month.

After contacting SSE they discovered their supplier had been receiving readers from a meter 270 miles away.

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