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DUMNBS, Chabad, New Mexico and Epstein : Join Ickonic Presenter Richard Willett on Substack


Christopher Jon Bjerknes points out in his incredible videos on Youtube (CJBBOOKS)that the Brooklyn bases Chabad Lubavitch appear to be a Messianic Cult who follow the Lurianic Kabbalah of Isaac Luria. According to Christophers deep knowledge and decades of research into the Kabbalah, Jewish Mysticism and the Zohar this Ultra Orthodox Jewish sect believe in an End Times Prophecy that has to culminate BEFORE the year 2240 with a 3rd Solomons Temple in Jerusalem on Temple Mount and what they call their ‘Sabbath 7,000th year World To Come’.

Christophers extraordinary research can be found on his X account here :

Chabad Lubavitch of course recently hit the headlines for the apparent attempt to cover up a tunnel dug underneath their HQ in Brooklyn Crown Heights. Speculation of what this tunnel may have been used for has be mostly centred around supposed child trafficking, but there are other reasons as to why these tunnels are spread out underneath vast areas of not only Brooklyn itself but the entire mass of New York including under water.

Illegal New York synagogue tunnel leads to 9 arrests – Mainstream Article from the BBC (A stained mattress and baby chair was found into a basement area where the tunnels lead into)

Donald Trump is connected to Chabad through his son in law Jared Kushner who was recently pictured with Elon Musk at a football match in Qatar with what appears to be Saudi Royalty. So it would be wise to ask why someone connected to a “Jewish” Messianic sect with their eyes on Temple Mount would be associating with Saudi Royalty who along with funding from Qatar (home of Hamas HQ Offices) helped to bankroll Elon Musks “Purchase:” of Twitter not rebrand as ‘X’ with all of its Saturn and occult symbolic significance.

These tunnels in New York connect with the Manhattan project via Columbia University who’s Buell Hall used to function as an Insane Asylum and also once functioned as a place to house a particle acceleration in its underground tunnels which was then used in the Manhattan Project at the Trinity site in New Mexico.

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