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The shocking testimony of the Covid-19 nurses

MOST people seem to have moved on from Covid-19. They may occasionally refer to the ‘pandemic’, but they’d rather put it in the back of their minds. So it’s important that we critical thinkers don’t let the truth be buried by an official narrative that a deadly disease struck, radical interventions were necessary and then a miraculous vaccine saved millions of lives.

I know a nurse who worked throughout covid at the local intensive care unit. She believes that while the disease was exaggerated, it was distinct from the usual respiratory infections. Positively-tested patients admitted to her unit frequently suffered from asthmatic attacks. But such symptoms probably resulted from the terror induced in society by the government. And these patients were right to be terrified, because they faced being hooked on to a ventilator, totally dependent on overworked clinical staff, with no visitors allowed. As Roger Watson and I explained on TCW, many never took another natural breath.

The book What the Nurses Saw by Ken McCarthy features interviews with nurses who worked in the killing fields of US hospitals. An army veteran, Erin Marie Olszewski qualified and practised as a nurse in Florida. When New York became the American epicentre of Covid-19, she answered the urgent call for nurses from the city authorities. On arrival Olszewski was surprised to be boarded in a luxury hotel, having no work assigned but paid $10,000 weekly by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Clearly the crisis was not as bad as portrayed on the news.

Eventually Olszeswki was posted to a large public hospital, to find doctors and nurses following extraordinary and harmful protocols. Rather than a last resort, intubation to breathing machines was primary treatment. Andrew Cuomo, governor of New York, acted as medical dictator, ordering 30,000 ventilators. As paycheck employees following administrative policy, doctors abandoned their Hippocratic Oath, mistreating patients who walked into hospital but left via the morgue. Consent, so fundamental to healthcare, was reduced to doctors telling patients that their only chance of survival was mechanical ventilation.

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