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Electric Cars Will Never Dominate Market, Says Toyota

Electric vehicles will never dominate the market, Toyota Chairman Akio Toyoda has said, in the latest sign that car companies are backing away from the troubled technology. The Telegraph has more.

Battery-powered electric vehicles will only ever capture 30% of global market share, the Chairman of Toyota has predicted, raising concerns about consumers’ willingness to align with Net Zero goals.

Akio Toyoda said that traditional fuel-burning cars, as well as hybrids and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles would make up the rest of the market.

The grandson of the founder of the world’s largest car manufacturer said shifting towards electric vehicles is not the answer when a billion people in the world are living without electricity.

He told a business event this month that limiting consumer choices and ability to travel by making expensive cars is not the answer.

He said: “Customers — not regulations or politics — should make that decision.”

He added: “Engines will surely remain.”

Worth reading in full.

Stop Press: Electric bikes have caused a record number of fires in New York City, the Telegraph reports. According to figures released by the New York Fire Department, e-bikes were responsible for 267 fires in the city, claiming 18 lives and causing 150 injuries.

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