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‘Virology is a Fraudulent Pseudoscience and is a Dying Field’ according to Biomedical Scientist

Virology is a “Fraudulent Pseudoscience” and is a “dying field” according to published Biomedical Scientist Simon Lee who has over 30 years in his field with almost a decade of which he spent working in the field of virology. Yet, he argues that “while most people regard virology as a bona fide hard science, it does not follow the scientific method and has its roots firmly in fraudulent pseudoscience.

Simon who frequently writes articles for the Expose readers as well as other publications as a ghostwriter since the start of the plandemic and is also the Science Officer of Anew UK, explains in the article below why he has come to this conclusion.

The steps of the scientific method include:

  • Observe a natural phenomenon.
  • Suggest hypothesis to explain the phenomenon.
  • Select independent variable (the presumed cause).
  • Select dependent variable/s (the observed effect/s).
  • Control variables.
  • Test/experiment.
  • Analyse the observation/data.
  • Validate/invalidate hypothesis.

Following the scientific method begins with observing a natural phenomenon, postulating a hypothesis, and then determining the independent variable (IV) which is the presumed cause, the dependent variable (DV) which is the observed effect, and controls for experimentation.

Scientific controls are used as a check and balance system in experiments when researchers are attempting to determine the cause of an effect. Controls are designed to ensure that the presumed cause (independent variable) is the only thing that could be causing the observed effect (dependent variable).

Controls allow one variable or factor to be studied at a time. It’s crucial that both the control and other experimental groups are exposed to the exact same conditions apart from the one variable under study. This allows for more accurate and reliable conclusions to be drawn from the experiments.

Virology Refutes Itself

Virologists only starting natural phenomenon is people who have similar symptoms.

Up until 1952, virologists believed that a virus was a toxic protein or enzyme that poisoned the body and that it somehow multiplied in the body itself and could spread in the body as well as between people and animals.

However, these suspected viruses could not be seen directly in diseased tissue using electron microscopy. It was also acknowledged that even healthy animals, organs, and tissue released the same breakdown products during the decomposing process that had previously been misinterpreted as “viruses”.

For decades virologists failed in their attempts to purify and isolate the assumed “virus” particles in order to directly prove the existence and pathogenicity of these particles. Virologists only had indirect evidence of decay from human and animal tissue culture experiments claimed to be caused by the “virus” in question. This same decay was seen in tissues from healthy hosts.

Different groups of researchers could not reproduce or replicate each other’s findings. In fact, results were often contradictory as a 1999 essay by Karlheinz Lüdtke points out:

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