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Enjoy Using ChatGPT? Hackers Like It Too

As soon as ChatGPT became public, it became the most talked-about thing on the internet. This endless library of knowledge quickly found its way into the homes and offices of people around the world. One year later, ChatGPT has more than 100 million weekly users However, some are hackers who might be up to no good.

How can ChatGPT help hackers?

The versatility of ChatGPT makes it a perfect companion for cybercriminals who can hone their skills, learn new tricks, and use the platform to improve their phishing emails. So, let’s take a look at various uses of ChatGPT for cybercrime:

Better phishing emails

Phishing is one of the most common cyberattacks. It is often used to hack networks, servers, and computers. According to Verizon 36% of data breaches in 2022 were caused by phishing. The emergence of ChatGPT will only increase that number.

One of the signs someone is dealing with a phishing email is grammar and spelling errors. Phishing involves pretending to be someone else, usually a streaming service, a bank, or a business. Their real emails are crafted impeccably, and cybercriminals used to have a hard time replicating the writing style.

However, AI is spectacular when it comes to changing writing styles, generating text, proofreading, and even translating. The fact that hackers can write their phishing emails in every language imaginable opens a world of possibilities for them. Because of this, cybercriminals only need to get their hands on a list of emails and leave the writing part to ChatGPT.

Explaining the code

The vast knowledge of ChatGPT can be used to decipher code and help hackers find an entryway into any system. When a cybercriminal manages to access the code, ChatGPT can essentially reverse engineer the data and explain how the said code works.

This ability could be of assistance to hackers who are just starting out because ChatGPT does all the work for them. They will even get recommendations on which tools they should use to exploit particular vulnerabilities. Not to forget that more knowledgeable cybercriminals could use it to be more efficient and attack multiple targets faster than initially planned.  

Writing perfect responses

Similarly to phishing, social engineering requires error-free dialogue responses. After all, a cybercriminal will send a help desk request and then guide their target every step of the way. That frequently includes password resets, which allow cybercriminals to access someone’s online accounts and work network.

ChatGPT permits numerous prompts, so hackers can come up with various answers to questions and get all the information they might need for social engineering. Their targets won’t even be able to tell the difference.

How to increase your cybersecurity

Cybercriminals got a brand-new tool with ChatGPT, so every one of us needs to adapt, too. Here’s how you can protect yourself online and elevate your cybersecurity instantly:

Educate yourself on cybersecurity

Most successful cyberattacks exploit their target’s lack of online security knowledge. So, the first thing you should do is learn as much as possible about different cyberattack methods and how to spot them quickly. This skill will be even more handy now when hackers can use ChatGPT to generate phishing and social engineering attacks in minutes.

While the contents of phishing emails could look legitimate, there will be a sense of urgency that is rarely seen in emails from any business, company, or social network platform. Additionally, the major clue should be the email address of the sender.

Despite all their efforts, cybercriminals can’t create official addresses. Even if the content of an email looks and sounds real, it shouldn’t be sent from a free email service. Remember to examine these elements before opening links or typing in your login information.

Improve your cybersecurity measures

Cybercrime might be on the rise, but tools for fighting back are also improving as we speak. Antivirus software is regularly updated to detect and eliminate the latest threats. Additionally, apps like VPNs are also helpful, especially today. ChatGPT VPN can help you stay safe while using the service because you never know how tight their security is.

ChatGPT users have profiles on the platform, and some could be asking questions that might compromise the online safety of their place of employment. For instance, by connecting to a USA VPN server before logging into that website, you’ll hide your location and encrypt your sensitive information. Keep in mind that combining antivirus software with a VPN is the best way to ensure comprehensive online protection.

Be prepared for social engineering

Hackers often use social engineering attacks, and now, with the help of ChatGPT, it has become even easier. They can think several steps ahead and prepare the best possible replies to all your questions. So, how do you recognize social engineering on the spot?

First, the message will arrive suddenly, and the contents could confuse you. Then, there could be an unknown link leading to a website URL you don’t recognize. And, of course, it will always include a sense of urgency so that the person being scammed would act without thinking.

A few final words

While ChatGPT is a valuable resource for millions of users worldwide, cybercriminals are also using it to improve their skills and craft better phishing and social engineering attacks. For this reason, it is crucial to stay vigilant and improve our cybersecurity measures, such as educating yourself on cybersecurity, using antivirus software and ChatGPT VPNs, and being prepared for social engineering attacks. By taking these steps, we can protect ourselves and our online identities from cyber threats.


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