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NATO Members to Build ‘Concrete Bunkers’ on Russian Border

Estonia announced on Friday that it intends to build hundreds of bunkers along its border with Russia. Fellow NATO members Latvia and Lithuania have signed on to the project as well.

Defense ministers of the three Baltic states met in Riga and approved the construction of what they called “anti-mobility defensive installations” on their eastern borders  “to repel possible Russian aggression.”

“We are undertaking this effort so that the people of Estonia can feel safe,” said Estonian Defense Minister Hanno Pevkur. He added that the Ukraine conflict has shown that “in addition to equipment, ammunition and manpower, we also need physical defensive structures at the border.”

As part of the so-called “Baltic Defense Line,” Estonia pledged to build hundreds of concrete bunkers, each about 35 square meters in size and capable of housing 10 soldiers. They would be placed along the 294-kilometer border with Russia and linked with a network of support points and supply lines.

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