Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 20 January 2024

It’s Cold in Davos

Well, heaven help us—the Gods of Mount Davos are meeting again. We’re now at Wefcon2. Run! Run!

But I digress.


So let us just examine this with an open mind just so that we the mooing herds can have some idea of how this new year is going to unravel. I do know that they seem to want to reinvigorate “trust” in the general public. It is the highlight of their agenda. Now, don’t be laughing. We know (but they don’t) that they never had our trust in the first place.

How could they have had trust?

By the time most of us had figured out who they were, they were already untrustworthy. Poor devils. They, once again, are chasing their delusions. Who are we however to deny them what small bits of happiness they can muster up? They truly want to make us to trust them.

Hahahahahahaha… oh dear… let’s go on shall we?

There’s only so much laughing hysterically we can do as human beings after all. Let’s try not to be cynical. Or more cynical anyway.

First when it comes to trust and respect we’ll be needing to know what they’ll be eating. That’s always the first thing. Will it be cricket caviar or Kobe beef at $300 a pound? It takes an awful lot of crickets to make a pound so I suspect they’re about the same price and so whatever they eat will cost us taxpayers quite a bit.

We can only hope they’ll choose the socially-acceptable menu if nothing else. And if they want our trust, leading by example, they will drink the cockroach cocoa and silverfish spritzers and eat imitation beetle beef with a side order of fly fries. On camera. Live. If they want our trust….

The second thing is how many private jets and limousines are they using to overwhelm Co2 levels on the planet again? Last year it was an outrageously grievous number and it wasn’t a good look for them. Even still they made a stab of an effort and they “did” bring in buses. The elite’s underlings with gnarly smirks were indeed seen getting off the buses awkwardly as if they didn’t know what the hell they were doing. (Which of course, they probably didn’t.)

I don’t know that the buses were in fact EVs or not. Probably not. It’s cold in Davos. And Minneapolis, Edmonton and some place in Australia know all about how EV buses don’t work in the cold. They learned the hard way of course after spending millions before discovering this. It certainly made us taxpayers cry. Even still, you gotta say they tried. They failed a pretty basic test as in who on earth would not have anticipated cold weather? I mean really! It boggles the mind! Really!!!!

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