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Sadiq Khan branded ‘ridiculous’ for celebrating ‘pause’ of English language requirement for cabbies

Sadiq Khan has been filmed celebrating Transport for London’s decision to “pause” English language requirements for the capital’s cabbies.

In footage exclusively obtained by GB News, the London Mayor was seen entering a crowd of flag-waving and placard-clutching demonstrators outside City Hall.

Khan, who stepped outside during a short interval between sessions at London Mayor’s Questions today, took selfies and shook hands with private hire drivers just hours after announcing plans to pause both SERU and English language requirements.

The safety, equality and regulatory understanding requirement, known by the acronym SERU, came into force in October 2021.

The 50-minute assessment, which costs £36, is completed through multiple choice and sentence completion questions.

In its page on the SERU requirement, TFL said: “It is essential that London PHV drivers have an appropriate understanding of safety, equality and regulatory requirements that apply to them.

“This helps ensure public safety and will enhance levels of customer service.”

TFL also described the English language requirement as “essential for public safety”, adding: “Drivers must satisfy the ELR by taking and passing a speaking and listening test and the SERU assessment is used to assess their reading and writing skills.”

The English language assessment, which also costs £36, consists of two main assessments.

TFL’s speaking and listening test consists of a 15 to 20-minute conversation, while the reading and writing assessment is based on information contained in the Private Hire Vehicle Driver’s Handbook.

The PHV Driver’s Handbook, which also forms the backbone of the SERU assessment, includes a number of key sections.

It looks to inform drivers about reducing the risk of violence in difficult situations, making passengers feel safe and about being careful behind the wheel.

A Freedom of Information request revealed there are more than 100,000 private hire drivers in London.

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