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Battling the Freeze: Solutions for Cold-Weather Starting

During the winter, practically all brands of cars inevitably face a wide variety of problems caused by low air temperatures. These problems are often related to starting the car and other electronic system problems. It’s no secret that malfunctions in-car systems caused by low air temperature signal that it’s time to properly take care of your car and ensure the operation of cold-sensitive components before the winter season begins.


Today, with the experts at, we will discuss the main cold-sensitive components that every driver who owns a car should take care of properly.


The most common problem


Dead batteries are one of the most basic and common problems drivers face in winter. Typically, car batteries work by transferring electricity based on chemical reactions. However, this process is sensitive to temperature changes, and cold conditions can slow down or even stop the reaction altogether. This usually happens with older and lower-quality batteries. For this reason, LLLParts professionals recommend replacing batteries with new ones every 5-6 years. During this time, the batteries become particularly sensitive to cold, which may impair their efficiency. Their reduced efficiency is evident on cold winter mornings when it becomes difficult to start the car. It is also important to mention that the battery’s condition can be easily checked in practically any service center.


LLLParts consultants also remind you that there are accessories perfect for all car models to help solve the problem of a cold car battery. One such is the battery heater, which usually helps maintain the optimal temperature of the battery and thus ensures its effectiveness and longevity. Such accessories can be easily found in the car parts catalog.


Battery heaters


Of course, it is worth mentioning that in the cold season, drivers face another problem – a cold engine, which sometimes has to be warmed up every winter morning as soon as you get into the car. This procedure is necessary to preserve the car’s longevity because cold weather causes the engine oil to become thicker. Thick oil makes it much more difficult to lubricate the car engine’s most critical components, reducing its longevity.

Optimal engine temperature

One of the valuable accessories that most car drivers can use is engine block heaters, which become an indispensable help when the temperature is extremely low outside. These heaters make it possible to warm up the car’s engine even before starting it, so you don’t need to wait for the car to warm up before the trip. This is one of the best ways to ensure excellent engine performance and save time.

A great feature of such engine heaters is that they are universal and can be easily adapted to practically any car model. Recently, this solution has become an increasingly popular choice for drivers living in areas with extremely low air temperatures during the winter.

It is also worth remembering that drivers should choose only high-quality car accessories for the winter season. This is because the best efficiency and long-term performance can only be ensured by those accessories produced by manufacturers who adhere to high-quality standards and use only durable materials.

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