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Shell suspends all Red Sea shipments after Houthi attacks on tankers

Shell has suspended all Red Sea shipments after Houthi rebels launched strikes on oil tankers navigating the trade route, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The British oil giant on Tuesday declined to comment on the report which cited insiders who stated that the suspension was indefinite. Oil prices rose by around 1 percent, but analysts said the actual impact on output had been limited.

A tanker chartered by Shell carrying Indian jet fuel was last month targeted by the jihadists. The vessel was attacked by a drone and harassed by rebel boats.

The Houthis, Iran-backed Islamist militants who control Yemen, have stepped up attacks on cargo and military ships in the Red Sea amid the Israel-Hamas war.

Shell has joined other big firms in swerving the Red Sea – which accounts for around 12 percent of total seaborne oil trade. BP last month paused all shipments, while Qatar Energy did the same this week.

Oil prices rose by around 1% on Tuesday, as investors weighed the impact of tensions in the Middle East. The geopolitical risk premium on oil prices may find a ceiling unless production is shut in, analysts said. "In the absence of actual and palpable impact on oil output prices will remain well within the current $72-$82 range," PVM analyst Tamas Varga said in a note.

Shell’s move comes after the US today released images of Iranian missile parts and other weaponry from a ship bound for Yemen seized in a raid last week that saw two of its commandos go missing.

Meanwhile, a new ship came under suspected fire from the Houthis in the Red Sea and sustained some damage, though no one was wounded, officials said.

The raid marks the latest seizure by the US Navy and its allies of weapon shipments bound for the rebels, who have launched a series of attacks threatening global trade.

The attacks, U.S.-led retaliatory strikes and the raid all have raised tensions across the wider Middle East, which also saw Iran conduct ballistic missile strikes in both Iraq and Syria.

The SEAL raid happened last Thursday, with the commandos launching from the USS Lewis B. Puller backed by drones and helicopters, with the U.S. military’s Central Command saying it took place in the Arabian Sea.

The SEALs found cruise and ballistic missile components, including propulsion and guidance devices, as well as warheads, Central Command said. It added that air defense parts also were found.

‘Initial analysis indicates these same weapons have been employed by the Houthis to threaten and attack innocent mariners on international merchant ships transiting in the Red Sea,’ Central Command said in a statement.

Images released by the U.S. military analyzed by The Associated Press showed components resembling rocket motors and others previously seized. It also included what appeared to be a cruise missile with a small turbojet engine – a type used by the Houthis and Iran.

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