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A Hearing on Blood Related Adverse Events Post ‘Covid’ Fake Vaccine – What Happened to the Medical Profession?

United States Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene held a hearing on blood-related adverse events post-COVID vaccination on the 12th January 2024 and explained that the hearing was “once again truly doing the people’s work and trying to get to the bottom of the detrimental effects of the covid vaccine that the government forced on so many Americans.” The congresswoman also had witnesses to give their expertise and experience – Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Ryan Cole, and Dr. Kirk Milhoan. The doctors, along with addressing the subject of the “vaccine” also explained what they thought had happened with their colleagues in the medical community who had not acknowledged the issues with the jab.

Four Years Into the Plandemic.
By Peter A. McCullough, took to his Substack following the hearing and wrote “We are now four years into the COVID-19 pandemic. After hundreds if not thousands of physician media appearances, OPEDs, peer-reviewed publications and public presentations, the US House of Representatives will finally host medical specialists who have vast experience in treating SARS-CoV-2 infections and managing the injuries resulting from COVID-19 vaccination.”

Dr McCullough said that he had “often wondered what were our Congressman thinking as myself, Dr. Ryan Cole, and Dr. Kirk Milhoan appeared on national television and told America that the infection was treatable and the vaccines were ill-advised? Were they hoping this would “just blow over.” As the years wore on and the causality count rose from both the illness and the vaccines it appears things have come to a head.”Source

Perhaps medical practitioners worldwide who were going along with governmental interventions, hoped that it would all blow over?

Will We Ever Trust the Medical Profession Again?
The video of the hearing has been posted below, but I would like to share a small excerpt from it where Senator Johnson asks the panel of doctors a question that I think is something we all perhaps would like to know as many of us struggle to understand how our medical profession were able to let us down so terribly.

They either did not do their due diligence, at best, or they suspected or knew what was going on with the covid lies, and the toxic jab, but were too financially trapped in the medical system to adhere to their oaths.

I wonder, if those of us, the layperson, who read every bit of information and data we could get access to, will ever trust a doctor again? We know that it was blatantly clear there were discrepancies in the data, research that proved at the very least the inefficacies of masks, lockdowns, and the jab etc etc yet they simply followed orders even when it was shown that all these interventions were hazardous to our health.

Perhaps, for many of them, they know it is too late to admit they were wrong, but how do we trust a doctor that has either no common sense, cannot do research, and/or values his/her pay-packet more than thousands of lives?

Senator Johnson asks the panel of doctors what was happening in the medical establishment. I have provided a transcript for the conversation responding to his question.

Senator Ron Johnson
“So my question, I actually have a question, why isn’t the rest the medical community acknowledging this I mean you obviously we’ve got eminently qualified doctors I know how you’ve been vilified how they tried to marginalize you but anybody who’s listening to this panel realized these are highly qualified compassionate doctors what is happening throughout our medical establishment?”

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