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What Are the Main Tips & Recommendations for Writing a Dissertation?

What is a dissertation?

A dissertation is a piece of research that undergraduate or postgraduate students must carry out to present their findings by responding to a question they propose themselves. The main target of the dissertation is to give an explanation of the conclusion that has been made through the investigation process. Usually, a dissertation contains 4 chapters, a literature review chapter, and the final concluding chapter. In general, the word count of a dissertation must be between 70,000 and 100,000 words. 

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What are the components of a dissertation writing plan?

With the following dissertation writing plan, you are going to complete it successfully. Before clicking this essay writing help URL, check these recommendations out when writing a dissertation!

  1. Choose a topic. Before you select your preferred topic, you would better consult with your mentor whether you can complete this task. Submit it for approval if you both agree on it.
  2. Develop your proposal. Start to write the proposal giving the overview of your thesis. It must consist of objectives and title, methodology, and review of the related literature. In your proposal, you need to explain your topic´s relevance to the study field. It must show a plan for collecting information and pieces of evidence.
  3. Conduct research. Make sure your research is scientific, systematic, and precise. Once you collect all the info you need, you should process and organize it addressing the topic of your thesis. Your audience should understand it easily.
  4. Compose the dissertation. Create an outline to mention all the main points you want to include. Make sure there are the following parts of the thesis such as:
  • Introduction. Here, you need to define the target of your essay. Also, you need to define the significance of your dissertation in your field of study. Mention the main reason why you selected your topic for investigation. Add your expectations and assumptions. In this section, you must define the key terms and concepts. With these tips, you can write your introduction ideally!
  • Review the theoretical sources. Cite all the articles from studies and journals that you used in your investigation process. If you do it, it will show your contributions to the specific field of study.
  • Research your methodology. In this section of your dissertation, you will provide future investigators with instructions on the way you conducted your research. The members of your study field need to be able to assess your work correctly and determine its significance. Here, you need to discuss the setting, questions, participants of your investigation, analysis process, and information collection.
  • Your findings. In this part of your dissertation, show the outcomes of your study. Do it with the help of investigation tools utilizing qualitative and quantitative analysis. Ensure you show the importance of your dissertation for a future discourse. 
  • Conclusion. Here you need to emphasize the main things you have found during your investigation process. Mention their relevance to the study field and future research areas. In this summary part of the dissertation, state the outcomes of your investigation that might influence the academic community. 
  • Bibliography. Create a list of resources that were used when you wrote your dissertation. Note that it must be written in a certain format.
  1.  Proofreading & editing. Make sure your dissertation is free from any typos or grammatical mistakes. Follow formatting guidelines to present your dissertation properly. 

What are the most essential tips for writing a dissertation?

Writing a dissertation, you would better be aware of the main tricks to be a successful student. Here they are:

  • Begin to write as early as possible. An early bird catches the worm, you know. This is about writing a dissertation too.
  • Record your sources. The more notes you make, the better it will be for presenting your insights and findings and staying organized.
  • Be aware of what you want to say. Ask yourself clear questions and make sure you have all the answers to them when composing your dissertation piece.
  • Save your work. There is nothing worse than to lose all the information you collected. So save your paper at least once in an hour or half an hour.
  • Back up your decisions. Whatever way you are going to present your main ideas, you should be able to underpin all of your decisions.
  • Know your research limits. Every dissertation features a word count that is limited. Do not develop your thoughts too much but also do not limit it too much.
  • Plan your time. The more organized you stay, the better results you will have. You are to schedule your time appropriately so as not to lag behind.
  • Leave a healthy lifestyle. Eating well and sleeping enough is what you need to consider and not forget when composing a dissertation. Your health is more important than any kind of paper you need to write. Here you may check the main ways of staying healthy when studying. 

If you take these tips into consideration, the process of writing a dissertation will not only be fruitful, but you will also enjoy it. 

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