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Woman fined £400 for putting cardboard in a bin in Brighton

The U.K. is witnessing a draconian crackdown on improper waste disposal, with individuals facing fines for minor offences like putting cardboard in the wrong bin. The Mail has the story.

Councils across the country are cracking down on hardworking Brits for rubbish offences – including a woman fined £400 for putting cardboard in a Brighton bin. …

Punitive measures are being imposed nationwide on families dealing with household clutter – yet local authorities are also struggling to carry out their delivery duties. …

Fragrance store businesswoman Sarah Reason told how she “burst into tears” when landed with the fixed penalty notice after tucking some cardboard and a paper bag into a recycling bin nearby.

The 44 year-old entrepreneur’s name and shop address were found on a cardboard box in the bin by a council environment officer.

She described the clampdown as “complete and utter madness” and “a very heavy-handed approach”, telling the Argus: “It’s totally disproportionate to any other fine.” …

Meanwhile, along the South Coast, residents in Southampton have accused their council chiefs of leaving “mountains of rubbish” to rot after being left uncollected.

Mark Lovell, 55, told how his home street has been targeted by fly-tippers.

He said: “Rats, seagulls and foxes are here all the time tearing through the rubbish – this mountain of junk has been here at least three weeks.” …

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