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What is Polio and was it Really Eradicated?

The symptoms of what was labelled “Polio” exist today under various other names, the only difference is the assumed cause. What is clear, however, is that an “infectious” cause has not ever been proven, there is no scientific evidence to support the mainstream narrative that Polio is contagious. This idea that Polio is highly infectious is a myth used to push a toxic vaccine campaign and to cover up the crimes of agrochemical poisoning, according to biomedical scientist Simon Lee.

“Historical polio mortality trends are not representative of historical infectious disease mortality trends. When the other diseases were at their worst in the 19th century, polio was still relatively unknown in many areas. As the mortality for the other diseases plummeted in the first half of the 20th century, polio mortality climbed. Polio mortality had the opposite trend of most the other diseases and the opposite trend of infectious disease mortality in general.” Jordan Henderson

In the mid-20th century, polio struck terror in people’s minds because it didn’t just make people sick (especially young people), it sometimes left them crippled too. Pictures of people in iron lungs and children wearing leg braces played a prominent role in the polio terror campaign.

With the major causes of death and disability (TB, cholera, diphtheria, and malaria) declining or at historic lows by the 1940s that generation was arguably the healthiest population in history but polio was still a persistent “unexplained horror”.

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