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“It’s a New World” — Ray Kurzweil circa 2009

As usual, I am multitasking. It’s Saturday evening and I am listening to the hearing on injuries caused by COVID-19 vaccines. It’s three hours long and I am only halfway through.

I also have a bazillion tabs open across three monitors.

While I listen, I am working on a new piece, looking at Jeffrey Epstein’s ties to Eugenics, Transhumanism, and artificial intelligence. People focus on Little Saint James in the Virgin Islands but how about Zorro Ranch in New Mexico? Stay tuned.

For now, I’ll say that many scientists and professors happily took $$$ with no qualms from the papa philanthropist parasite until the extent of the sex trafficking reached critical mass.

For instance, Epstein supported Futurist Googlite Ray Kurzweil. I listened to Kurzweil in person in September 2018 at a RaadFest, billed “as the largest event in the world where practical and cutting-edge methods to reverse aging are presented for all interest levels.” The event, hosted by Life Extension, was held in a hotel in Orange County, which turned out to be ridden with mold. BTW, mold does not promote life extension. I got so sick, I asked for a refund. The truth is many buildings are sick buildings. After that event, I ended up writing an ebook titled A BIOHACKERS MANUAL: A FIVE-STEP PROTOCOL.

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