Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 14 January 2024

Holiday Time Is Over, Brutal Cold, and a World in Chaos

“Free election of masters does not abolish the masters or the slaves.”

Herbert Marcuse

I am back from my trip to south Florida, but so far, in body only. I am facing at least a week of an extreme arctic front with snow and temperatures approaching 40 below zero here in Montana. This is brutal, and apparently, ‘global warming ‘ has taken a holiday as well. I have been researching since my return, but have not written anything to publish these past three days, but alas, the world is in even more chaotic shape than it was before I left. Imagine that? So there are no worries, as finding something to write about is an easy task in such ridiculous and maddening times.

Secret Jewish tunnels exposed in New York, building explosion in Ft. Worth, Texas, shipping backed up worldwide due to Red Sea crisis, doors blowing off commercial airlines in flight, large ‘alien’ creatures in Miami, car crashes into white House gates, Zionist continuation of genocide against Palestinians, threat of more wars, and on and on it goes. Are all these events meant to distract us from something even more sinister, or is the world simply going mad?

It is after all, an election year, and the Trump trial circus is still in town, as the ‘election’ (selection) insanity continues unabated. The rhetoric is astounding, as all sides of the evil political cabal, right, left, and center, expose idiocy, egotism, corruption, and open stupidity, at levels beyond the imagination of the sane. This year in my humble opinion, will bring about catastrophic changes, riots, weather anomalies, financial upheaval, economic destruction, monstrous control mechanisms, massive volatile inflation, possible civil war, and certainly civil unrest. Depending on the bogus ‘election’ nonsense, if in fact an ‘election’ actually happens, hatred of each other could reach heights never before seen or experienced. I would find this comical if so much were not at stake, but then, does it really matter? It is my assumption that every ‘election’ is not only irrelevant, but meant only to temporarily corral the herd into one side or the other, so that all can be exploited equally. Voting is not only worthless, it is psychotic.

With all this and much, much more, NASA scraps another fake moon landing effort, likely due to the fact that it probably could not even get a rocket to fly a short distance and land safely on this so-called ‘planet,’ much less anything in space. I find this amusing, as the supposed moon landing claimed as real, a joke to be sure, happened 55 years ago, when rockets were powered by rabbits running on a wheel.

The Epstein files are said to have been released; 4,553 pages of very heavily redacted documents, but nothing new has come to light. The names mentioned are already known, but no real truth has surfaced, and of course this is by design. If that was not the case, hundreds or thousands of names would not only be exposed, but subject to intense prosecution. Nothing of importance or with guts is being released, as this is little more than a stage show. Yet another distraction. So very high level politicians, corporate heads, bankers, royalty, celebrities, billionaires, presidents, prime ministers, and many others, were blackmailed, but with nearly 5,000 pages of released documents, still nothing is really known. How can this be? It can be because it is only a coverup, not any legitimate exposure.

While all this is going on, and the ‘news’ continues to release more and more ‘stories’ every day, what is happening concerning the “big picture,” which is the takeover of earth by the ruling class, bankers, and technocrats plotting their new world order? You likely do not know, because that is the plan you see, because the underlying plot of world domination continues in earnest, while all the distraction keeps the blank and simple minds of the masses empty and entertained.

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