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We Are Witnessing A Tsunami Of Economic Suffering All Over America

Many among the elite don’t really care that tens of millions of Americans on the bottom of the economic food chain are deeply suffering right now.  It is being reported that approximately 93 percent of all stock market wealth held by U.S. households is controlled by the top 10 percent, and the stock market has been performing remarkably well in recent months.  As long as their stock portfolios look good, there won’t be too much concern about the economic pain that the masses are experiencing.  But they should care, because what we are witnessing is going to deeply affect all of us.

2023 was really tough for much of the country, and many of the economic trends from last year just continue to intensify.

For example, just look at what is happening at food banks all over the nation.  At one location in southern California, demand is up almost 60 percent since before the pandemic…

The nonprofit Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County, which provides food for 400,000 people a month in Orange County, has seen a nearly 60 percent increase in demand since before the pandemic.

“If we are really going to help lift people out of poverty, they need fresh food,” Claudia Keller, CEO of Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County,

At a food bank in the Big Apple, demand has actually doubled since before the pandemic, and now they are being forced to turn people away due to a lack of food…

The shelves at a Bronx food pantry have been bare for the past two weeks as hungry New Yorkers face heightened food insecurity at the beginning of the New Year.

The Albanian American Open Hand Association (AAOHA), located in Pelham Parkway, fed around 800 weekly before the pandemic, but that has since doubled to 1,600.

For the first time in 10 years, the pantry has been forced to turn people away.

This is something that is going to become increasingly common.

From coast to coast, donations are down and food costs are up, and so in the months ahead more desperate Americans that have lined up for hours at food banks around the nation will be told that there is “no food today”

Food pantry president Alexander Nilaj told The Post Tuesday that he has had to turn them away.

“It’s very heartbreaking. People line up at six or seven in the morning,” the 52-year-old said in a phone interview. “We tell them: ‘Don’t wait, we have no food today.’”

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