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Moscow 2030: Creating a biometric paradise

As most of you probably know, Russia’s capital city has been fighting a covert shadow war against Unipolar jaywalking, which is one of the top three threats facing BRICS and the Global South. Probably you read about it on ZeroHedge.

I’m happy to report that the Multipolar Pedestrian Order has made significant inroads with the assistance of facial recognition cameras programmed to publicly shame Muscovites who rudely cross the street without permission:

The prototype “tracks a pedestrian’s movement … If a pedestrian violates traffic rules, his image, without identification, is transmitted to an electronic information display board located nearby.”

Safe. Effective. Convenient. But there’s just one problem: Why do some Russians think they can go outside without being immediately identified by an algorithm?

[The head of Moscow’s State Traffic Inspectorate, Alexander Bykov,] noted that in order to create and ensure the effective use of an automated system for bringing pedestrians to administrative responsibility, it is necessary to have biometric data of all citizens. In this case, the submission of biometric data should become an obligation of citizens.

If this anti-globalist traffic light is only supposed to gently wag a finger at “unidentified” rule-breakers—as opposed to identifying them and deducting 5,000 GrefCoins from their SberWallet—why would you need the biometric data of all citizens? Curious minds want to know.

(Coincidentally, the collection of all biometric data in Russia—which is being stored and used by a commercial enterprise—is underway.)

But let’s look at the big picture: These exciting developments will help Moscow achieve Smart City status, a metamorphosis slated for completion by 2030. They picked that year at random; it has no significance.

Moscow’s 101-page blueprint for becoming Smart includes the widespread use of video surveillance cameras to make transportation more safe and convenient. It also calls for “wearable and implanted medical digital devices” that can be used to calculate health insurance payments. As an added bonus, the document advocates for “genetic passports” that will help “optimize protocols for traditional therapy and in the future gene therapy”.

Very fancy but to what end? What is the purpose of the Moscow 2030 plan? The listed goals of the project are as follows:

“Ensuring sustainable growth in the quality of life of Muscovites and favorable conditions for conducting business and other activities through the use of digital technologies.”
“Centralized, end-to-end and transparent city management based on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.”
“Increasing the efficiency of government spending, including through the introduction of public-private partnerships in the field of information and digital technologies and communications.”
This word salad looks strangely familiar.

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