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Why is the BBC fawning over migrants given free bed and board, wifi and a bus into town?

This is the BBC News. There now follows a partly political broadcast on behalf of asylum seekers.

Delivered in the same, hand-wringing tone as those daytime TV adverts featuring bedraggled African children drinking dirty water out of polluted rivers, or appealing to you to give £2 a month to a donkey sanctuary, this alleged piece of ‘journalism’ was in my opinion pure Leftist propaganda.

Presented by correspondent Dan Johnson, with all the credulity of a gullible first-year media studies student intent on a career on the Guardian, it sought to make us all feel guilty over the plight of vulnerable young men banged up on the floating asylum hostel, Bibby Stockholm.

Beginning with a report on the funeral in Tirana of 27-year-old Leonard Farruku, who took his own life on board the barge moored off the Dorset coast, it segued seamlessly into an ‘exclusive’ interview with an asylum seeker from Sierra Leone who had been forced to share his cabin — sorry, ‘cell’.

Yusuf Deen Kargbo, 20, ‘speaking for the first time’, warned that others might also kill themselves if conditions on the Bibby Stockholm didn’t improve drastically.

‘They’re saying this is just the beginning. They are trying to give a warning, that this place is not good for them. Every day their stress is getting worse.’

Mr Kargbo won’t be one of them, happily. The tragic death of his room-mate brought up his number on the escape committee and he is now safely tucked up in a hotel on dry land. But he’s still in touch with many of his former inmates of the Good Ship Alcatraz.

Johnson listened sympathetically as Mr Kargbo, apparently reading from a Twitter feed as he scrolled through his mobile phone, complained that ‘the stress and anxiety and poor quality of the food, this barge feels like a prison’.

A prison, as Johnson didn’t point out, where the inmates are free to come and go as they please and provided with a complimentary shuttle bus service into nearby Weymouth.

Still, to add to the indignity, the wifi is frequently on the blink and the showers run cold. Potentially with further fatal consequences. As Johnson warned gravely: ‘There are warnings about where this could lead.’

Kargbo told him: ‘They said if every day their stress is increasing, it’s getting worse, it’s getting worse, so they will decide to even kill themselves because they don’t have any hope for their life.’

Not once did Johnson bother to question any of these lurid claims. Nor did he remind Kargbo — or the viewers who pay his wages — that Bibby Stockholm ‘residents’ get three free meals a day, a TV lounge, a fully-equipped gym and a dedicated medical clinic.

So no surprise there, then. That’s simply par for the course, when it comes to the BBC’s fawning coverage of asylum seekers.

For instance, on its website BBC News tells us merely that Kargbo ‘came to the UK from Sierra Leone’ — without mentioning that he did a runner after competing in the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham in 2022.

In BBC Land, all migrants are ‘vulnerable’ and ‘fleeing persecution’ and anyone who argues otherwise is a heartless, knuckle-scraping racist.

Why else would it give headline news coverage to the funeral in Tirana of an Albanian asylum seeker? Tragically, people in Britain take their own lives every day without being afforded a send-off with full honours on the BBC’s flagship lunchtime bulletin.

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