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Entire Welsh village is cut off from buses after moron Mark Drakeford’s ‘baffling’ 20mph speed limit is rolled out … because drivers don’t have time to reach it

Welsh villagers claim they have been cut off from buses after Mark Drakeford imposed his ‘baffling’ 20mph speed limit.

Bus company Arriva is axing the route to the village of Llandegla, Denbighshire because of the ‘go slow’ speed limit brought in by the Labour-run government on Monday.

Frustrated Welsh drivers previously slammed the ‘confusing and stupid’ 20mph limit because the new rule will only see motorists going 26mph and over fined.

Angry villagers in Llandegla, which has a population of 500, claim it it will have a ‘huge impact’ on everyone who relies on the service.

Councillor Gwyneth Dillon said people at different stages of their lives, from the elderly to teenagers in college, will feel the impact of this change, adding: ‘It is going to cause a huge amount of hardship.

‘That includes health and social reasons. The college students won’t be able to get to their colleges too.’

Arriva Wales said it has reviewed ‘our timetables since the introduction of the 20mph speed restriction, following this review we are now able to make a number of changes to our network across North Wales in January.’

The service to Llanedgla has been diverted to the main A525 road – but it will also stop serving the Tweedmill Shopping Outlet in St Asaph popular with shoppers.

A spokesperson for Arriva Wales said: ‘The withdrawal of this service in Llandegla is due to the impact of 20mph on the 51 and X51 services.

‘To be clear this is not to say that Llandegla and its speed limits are the issue but now the service overall is taking longer to operate due to reduced speeds across the network.

‘The consequences of this change in speed has been severe and has caused increased lost mileage and reduced punctuality.

‘We have been open in raising our concerns with Transport for Wales, the Welsh government and local authorities.

‘There have also been press statements and questions raised in the Senedd about this on the basis of our concerns and the consequences.’

Natasha Asghar, Shadow Transport Minister in the Welsh Senedd, said: ‘Labour’s blanket 20mph will negatively impact the people of Wales and already we can see the damage being done.

‘With Labour continuing to cut bus services up and down the country and now services axed as a direct result of the madcap blanket 20mph policy, I fear this will be the first of many occurrences across Wales.

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