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Are There US Quarantine Camps Right Now?

Two years ago, attorney and Brownstone Fellow Bobbie Anne Flower Coxtook note of the New York State executive order to permit the building and use of quarantine camps. The litigation against it is still in process. We might have supposed it was an outlying case. That, sadly, is not true.

It turns out that the first federal quarantine camp (not called that of course) constructed in one hundred years (since the Great War’s round up of Germans on US soil) was completed in January 2020 in Omaha, Nebraska. It was immediately used to house Americans kidnapped from their vacations from aboard the Diamond Princess cruise liner.

I first read about this in a July 26, 2021 article in the New York Times.

A shiny new federal quarantine facility in Omaha — the first constructed in the United States in more than a century — was finished in January 2020, just in time to receive 15 American passengers from the coronavirus-infested Diamond Princess cruise ship.

It’s not a big facility but it was enough to give the whole idea a big kickoff. That happened immediately upon its opening. How long would this have taken to construct? Let’s say it was four or five months. That means it would have to be approved sometime around September 2019, when it is plausible that some US officials were made aware of a lab leak from the Wuhan lab. Figuring it was a bioweapon or something like it, and with “germ games” ongoing, the plan might have been to use this one and build more.

We don’t know for sure.

If that is true, it really does adjust the timeline. The Wuhan junket in which US and UK officials discovered from China’s lockdowns that this was an effective plan for disease control might have just been optics. The idea of quarantines and possibly lockdowns was already in the works. That’s speculation but plausible.

“Our state-of-the-art facilities include the 20-bed National Quarantine Unit, the nation’s only federal quarantine unit, and a six-bed simulated biocontainment unit for advanced experiential training – the National Biocontainment Training Center,” says the website. “This high-fidelity simulation center includes a mock lab and autoclave.”

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