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Jeffrey Epstein’s brother Mark accuses Bill Barr of covering up pedophile’s death and says Trump’s AG was ‘protecting someone’

Jeffrey Epstein’s brother slammed former Attorney General Bill Barr’s handling of the pedophile’s controversial death as he accused him of a ‘cover up.’

Mark Epstein, 69, a property developer, hit out at Barr for his infamous line that there was a ‘perfect storm of screw-ups’ that led to Epstein’s apparent suicide in a Manhattan jail in August 2019.

‘Yes, there were screw-ups, but that doesn’t mean that my brother was, you know, committed suicide because of screw-ups,’ he told NewsNation’s Leland Vittert.

‘Why? I mean, you’d have to ask Bill Barr. If he was covering this up, which it appears to be, who was he covering it up for? Who was Bill Barr protecting?’

Barr, the Attorney General for President Donald Trump from 2019 to 2020, came under intense scrutiny in the aftermath of Epstein’s death as it became clear institutional failings allowed him to escape justice.

Epstein was found hanged from his neck in his Manhattan jail cell with a strip of orange bedsheet.

It was later revealed he was taken off suicide watch and housed alone against procedure, wasn’t subject to regular checks, and the surveillance cameras were not working at the time.

In a widely publicized reaction, Barr said he was ‘appalled’ by the situation and ordered investigations, but concluded that it was merely a ‘perfect storm of screw-ups.’ Many questioned whether Epstein was allowed to kill himself to stop the great and the good who he befriended being embarrassed by revelations at any criminal trial.

Others believe Epstein was murdered, with his death staged to look like a suicide.

Epstein’s brother has repeatedly called for further scrutiny over the financier’s death, repeating his call this week as he said there ‘doesn’t seem to have been much of an investigation at all.’

‘Things like the EMT and the medical personnel at the hospital, none of them have ever been questioned,’ he continued. ‘They’re always questioned, especially in high-profile cases.’

‘The question becomes what investigation was done, there doesn’t seem to have been any.’

Numerous experts have spoken out in the years since Epstein’s death to cast doubt over the quick conclusion that it was a suicide, a factor that Mark Epstein said continues to be overlooked by officials.

‘The pathologist that did the autopsy, and (a doctor) who I had there, they both came out of the autopsy saying they could not call it a suicide because it appeared too much like a homicide,’ he said.

‘There are a number of reasons why.’

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