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Unconventional oils you can use in the kitchen and bathroom

Here we bring you a list of nourishing oils that can be used on the body and in food. We have deliberately omitted olive and coconut oil, as you will be very familiar with them. Discover with us the less common ones.

Save the planet, money, and place in your shelf

Did you know that you can replace up to 5 cosmetic products with one quality oil? The multifunctionality of not only oils but also natural cosmetics in general is significant. You can use oils to replace hair masks, skin and body creams, and healing ointments. Read on to find out what unconventional oils you can use both in the bathroom and in the kitchen. With multiple uses, you save not only nature but also money and shelf space.

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The topic of sustainability is very topical nowadays. For example, in the bathroom, most people have 3 times more beauty products than they need. Yet, if you just look a little bit into the ingredients of cosmetics, you will find out that you don’t really need body lotions or hair masks. Natural cosmetics and especially organic cosmetics are so multifunctional and pure that they can often be eaten.

Carrot oil

For the body: Carrot oil has perfect self-tanning properties. By regularly oiling it, your skin will get a darker tint and prolong your tan. The oil contains carotenoids that protect against infections, sun exposure and speed up wound healing. It is also suitable for the face as it helps against wrinkles and under-eye circles. It also brightens and moisturizes the skin.

On the plate: Carrot oil has a beneficial effect on eyesight and cholesterol, which it can lower. It has both stimulating and recuperative effects and is packed with vitamins A, B, C and, of course, beta-carotene. The latter protects the heart and blood vessels and slows skin aging. Pectin, in turn, has an excellent effect on digestion and helps prevent constipation. Carrot oil has a sweet taste and is therefore suitable, for example, for sweet porridges or for flavoring soups.

Almond oil

For the body: All experienced natural cosmetics enthusiasts will confirm that almond oil is a miracle. It is suitable for the body, face, hair, nails and minor injuries. It moisturizes and regenerates the skin and can be used even on sensitive baby skin from the first weeks of life. It heals burns and can also cope with psoriasis and eczema.

On the plate: In almond oil you will find 70% unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins E, A and a number of minerals. It tastes mildly sweet. It is suitable for baked desserts and for softening soups, spreads, salads and marinades.

Poppy seed oil

For the body: In poppy seed oil you will find vitamins B1, B12, E, D iron, magnesium and calcium. It is especially excellent for its antioxidant properties.

It is known in natural cosmetics for its soothing effects after sunbathing. It is also useful in the care of sensitive, dry, irritated or eczematous skin. It can also replace hair masks and cure brittle nails. It also serves to nourish hair, nails and treat acne.

On the plate: Poppy seed oil is recommended to be consumed for recovering from injuries as well as for boosting immunity. Calcium and vitamin D are needed for healthy bone development and to prevent osteoporosis.  Due to its iron content, it is advisable to include this oil for anemia.

Poppy seed oil is perfect for sweet desserts and porridges. It is very digestible. Try it as a topping for pancakes or gingerbread. It is also excellent in yogurt or smoothies.  It also goes well with pasta and potato dishes.

Grape seed oil

For the body: If you suffer from acne, forget about conventional products full of chemicals, which will only disturb the PH of your skin. Reach for grapeseed oil. It’s not for nothing that most manufacturers of natural acne cosmetics use grapeseed oil as their main ingredient. You don’t have to worry about oils even if you have very oily skin. Grapeseed oil can get rid of blackheads, cleans pores and heals the resulting pimples. At the same time, it does not dry out and moisturizes the skin beautifully. It is good to always have it on hand at home in case of minor abrasions or burns.

On the plate: Grapeseed oil never overcooks so it is suitable for cooking and frying. It has a distinctive, delicious flavor that stands out even in cold dishes. Especially in salads or dips. The health benefits are also significant. It is a powerful antioxidant that prevents cell aging and helps prevent heart disease.

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