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A Disabled Vet Combed Obituaries for the Words ‘Suddenly’ and ‘Unexpectedly’ — Here’s What He Found

Steve Connolly, an Iraq War combat veteran, was horrified by all the death and dying around him — not in the Iraq killing fields, but in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings starting in 2021, after the COVID-19 vaccines rolled out.

Connolly, a 61-year-old disabled vet and retired social worker who cared for the most severe and violent mentally ill patients in Massachusetts, said the formerly routine AA meetings became scenes of more suffering and carnage than he’d ever witnessed in war or among “the worst of the worst” in mental hospitals.

“In all of my time, I’ve never seen this many people that I know dropping dead in this span of time,” Connolly said.

Verne was in his 70s, relatively healthy and stable, Connolly said, “coughing on a Sunday, dead on Monday.” Big Rob was in his 30s, a little obese, and “died from myocarditis.”

Allie was in her 30s, a heavy girl, but healthy. “She got the jab, then had serious gallbladder issues and had it removed. She was found dead when she didn’t show up for work.”

A physician in AA, known as Dr. Michael, debated Connolly about the jab. “I tried to explain it to him. He didn’t believe me. Two weeks later, he got the booster. He died from a heart attack a few days later. Then they killed my friend, and I started to investigate.”

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