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Epstein Client List – Prince Andrew Has Been Reported to the Police and Calls Reignite for Him to lose Scottish Title.

Prince Andrew has been reported to the police by a campaign group in response to the “Epstein Client list” a trove of documents released on Wednesday the 3rd of January. Additionally, a petition originally started in April 2023 has been circulating again and reigniting the calls for Andrew Windsor to lose his “Earl of Inverness” title.

The Campaigning group Republic said, “The question many people will be asking is simple: if the accused were anyone else, do we believe they wouldn’t have been investigated and prosecuted?”

The Petition

The petition was started by Xander Elliards who states that “In 2022, Prince Andrew, the late Queen Elizabeth’s second son, paid a reported £12 million to avoid going to court over allegations he sexually assaulted a minor.” and

“Amid the row around the royal’s links to billionaire paedophile Jeffrey Epstein, Andrew was stripped of titles and positions including being called “His Royal Highness”, an air commodore of RAF Lossiemouth, and a patron of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Yet, he remains the Earl of Inverness.”

The petition calls for Andrew – who maintains he is innocent of any wrongdoing – to lose his title over the Scottish city, with locals claiming he has brought their hometown into “disrepute”.

Sexual Abuse Accusations

The National, a Scottish newspaper reported yesterday that “The Earl of Inverness” is among those named in court documents relating to Ghislaine Maxwell, her relationship with late disgraced millionaire Jeffrey Epstein and alleged victims of sexual abuse. The documents include accusations that Andrew sexually assaulted a minor – referred to as Jane Doe #3 – while in London.

The filing – which is believed to be about Virginia Giuffre – alleges Epstein instructed her to “give the prince whatever he demanded and required Jane Doe #3 to report back to him on the details of the sexual abuse”. The accusations add that Maxwell “facilitated Prince Andrew’s acts of sexual abuse.”.

The Campaign Group Republic

CEO for the Campaign group Republic, Graham Smith is demanding answers from the palace, police and politicians, saying the whole affair suggests the royals are “beyond the law” and said: “I have reported Andrew to the police, well aware that the Met claims to have looked into this before.”

“To date, there appears to have been no serious criminal investigation, no interview of the accused or other witnesses and no clear justification for taking no action.

“I am calling on the Met Police to re-open this case, I am calling on MPs to debate this affair in parliament and I am calling on Charles to make a public statement – in front of the press and taking questions – to respond to these allegations and what they say about the monarchy.

“How can we not expect a response from the Government and head of state? At the time of the alleged offences, Andrew was a government trade ambassador and an active member of the royal family. They fudged and obfuscated for 11 years before taking any definitive action.

“The Government, police and palace all have questions to answer. Now is the time to start answering them.”

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